Israel’s Racial Purity Laws: 40,000 Non-Jews Rejected

The Zionist extremists who routinely condemn any nation or people who want to preserve their natural diversity, are the most fanatical about preserving Jewish racial purity, a new survey of Israel’s racial purity laws has revealed.

According to a new article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, written David Turner (the past director of the Jewish National Fund (JNF), which was founded in 1901 to buy and develop land in Palestine for Jewish settlement), more than 40,000 would be converts to Judaism have had the legitimacy of their “conversion” overturned by courts in Israel.

Two examples of the degree to which orthodoxy is now flexing its coveted muscle to define the identity and daily life of Israel are in the Knesset and through the Rabbinate, Turner writes.

The legislative effort to provide Israeli civil law with a halachic identity and, secondarily, the monopoly of the Conversion Authority to determine who is a Jew through its monopoly over the conversion process.

The current crisis began in a disputed divorce case last year in the port city of Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv.

A local rabbinical court ruled that the petitioning couple’s marriage had been religiously invalid from the outset because the woman’s conversion to Judaism 14 years earlier was inauthentic.

The rabbi claimed she failed to observe Orthodox ritual law once she was declared Jewish, and that she had never intended to observe it.

The decision effectively turned the woman’s four children, all born after her conversion and raised as Jews, into non-Jews because their mother is not Jewish.

The case was heard on appeal by a three-judge panel of the Supreme Rabbinical Court, which voted last week to uphold the Ashdod rabbi’s decision… Haredi leaders do not concede any religious significance in the establishment of Israel, and therefore they oppose the idea of easing any religious rules in order to strengthen the state [Rabbi Druckman is a highly regarded religious Zionist].

The “three judge panel” used the case to retroactively challenge all conversions conducted under Rabbi Haim Druckman, a highly regarded rabbinic authority and religious-Zionist head of Israel’s Conversion authority:

More than 40,000 Israelis who were converted to Judaism in the past decade by the state’s official conversion courts [found] their conversions annulled — rendering them non-Jewish in the eyes of the law.

Sixty years ago the Knesset restated Israel’s Zionist mission as refuge to the Diaspora by including the Law of Return as one of the first of the Basic Laws (Israel still does not have a constitution basically due to the controversy over the question, Who is a Jew; the Basic Laws represent a constitution substitute).

In 1970, responding to an aggressive orthodox effort to legislate Who is a Jew the government amended the Law of Return to specifically include the “grandparent provision.”

For purposes of sanctuary anyone defined “Jew” under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws would be provided sanctuary as a “Jew.”  Germany legislated a “Jew” by blood, and included anybody who had a single Jewish grandparent, regardless of religious affiliation, or not.