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Israeli Prime Minister: Jews-Only State Needed to Preserve Jews

netyanJewish Supremacists worldwide are always at the forefront of demanding that all other nations and states be as “multi-cultural” and as “inclusive” as possible—yet when it comes to Israel, these same people hypocritically demand the right to a Jews-only state.

The latest example of this hypocrisy has come with the announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu.

According to a report in the Israeli National News, at the opening of the Knesset session which will ratify the new government, Netanyahu said that his objective as Prime Minister is to “ensure the future of the Jewish people” by ensuring the future of the State of Israel.

“There is no Jewish future without an Israel,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu, who is forming his third government, said. “We have been given a valuable deposit, that of the state of Israel, and the country’s citizens expect us to pass it on in good condition to the government that comes after us,” he said.

In America, however, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has just announced another “success”—the extension of the so-called “Lautenberg Amendment” which speeds up entrance procedures for people fleeing from “religious oppression” in Iran.

The Lautenberg Amendment was first set up in 1990 to speed up the entrance of Russian Jews into America, and needs to be renewed every five years.

“We’re grateful to House leadership and appropriators for including this provision to protect Iranian religious minorities,” said Melanie Nezer, the policy director for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the lead Jewish group advocating for the amendment’s renewal.

“This is probably the only way this provision could be extended this year, and it looks like there’s a good chance Congress will reopen the door soon to those needing to flee Iran.”

Overall, the Lautenberg Amendment is believed to have opened the door to some 400,000 people, many of them Jews and Christians from the former Soviet Union, but also religious minorities in Vietnam and Burma.

Last Friday, Mark Hetfield, the president of HIAS, raised the amendment’s precarious status in a meeting on immigration reform between President Obama and leaders of immigration groups.

“It makes no sense that every year we have to fight to get protection for Iranian refugees fleeing persecution,” Hetfield said he told the president. “This, too, should be fixed.”

The Chicago Jewish Federation, involved for years in absorbing Jewish and other refugees into the city, has been a lead group in lobbying for Lautenberg’s renewal.

“A lot of people have been helped by this, and not just Jews,” said David Prystowksy, director of government affairs for the Chicago federation. “Especially in the situation with Iran where we don’t have an embassy, this specific lifeline is critical.”

Note the complete difference in approaches: in America, Jewish Supremacists are all for “diversity” and “refugees” but when it comes to Israel, they support a state which implements policies diametrically opposed to these same immigration programs.

Once again, it is one law for non-Jews, and another for the Jewish Supremacists.