“Israel Needs More Jewish Babies, Less Arab Babies”

jewishbabiesIsrael urgently needs to subsidize more Jewish babies and take steps to reduce the number of births among “Arab Israelis,” one of the Zionist state’s leading journalists has announced.

Writing in an official opinion piece published in the mainstream Israeli news source YnetNews, well-known Israeli writer Robert Fattal said that Israel should stop spending money on new jets (because, he said, “American aid will pay for that”) and rather start paying Jews to have more babies to ward off the “demographic threat.”

The Zionist state should, he wrote, “drive additional supplementary social aid like baby bonuses through the army. Wouldn’t it be in Israel’s interest to trade in controversial military systems for the benefit of soldiers and reservists who need help having three or more children?

“Take for instance the F-35 program; a squadron of 20 jets costs $2.75B, and could be covered by American aid. However, based on a Canadian government estimate, upkeep alone on the same 20 jets over two decades would cost around $6.8B. If the IDF simply gave $20,000 for every newborn, to a family of three or more children, that could encourage an additional 247,000 births over that same 20-year period. Wouldn’t 247,000 additional children have a greater strategic impact on the Palestinians than 20 jets?”

Fattal then outlined a program to reduce the number of Arab births: “Fourth, raise the standard of Arab Israeli education to closely mirror that of that of Jewish Israeli schools. A little less emphasis on Arab and Palestinian studies, and more emphasis on foreign languages, sciences and business. Higher and better education usually leads to more opportunity and smaller families.”

Imagine, if you would, for a minute a mainstream media article in Germany calling for more German babies and fewer Jewish babies.

Or an article in a mainstream American outlet calling for more European-American babies and fewer Jewish babies.

There would be an absolute outcry, and sanctions would inevitably follow against any such outlet which dared to even suggest such a thing.

But once again, the staggering Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy can be seen in action in the latest Ynet News article: not a word will be mentioned anywhere, and no western leader, media advertizer or business will dare say a word about this latest “opinion.”

It is the old story: one rule for Jewish Supremacists, and another for everyone else.