Israel Must Be Jewish, But All Other Nations Must be Mixed

Israel must remain a Jewish nation and the problem to peace in the Middle East is that the Palestinians don’t want to accept that, Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren has said—illustrating once again the complete hypocrisy on racial and ethnic issues practiced by the Zionist extremists.

If any European, Arab, African or Indian leader had to publicly announce that a nation should be for their people only, and that a war would result with anyone who disagreed, these same Zionist extremists and their fellow Jewish Supremacists in the media would relentlessly attack and denigrate them.

However, because the Zionist extremists are protected by the mass media, they can apply blatant double standards and demand that Israel remains Jewish, while all  other peoples must mix.

Speaking at a Jewish-American conference in Detroit this past weekend, Oren said “that his country must retain its Jewish identity. And he urged American Jews to remain united with other Jews around the world in their support for Israel.

“Together, we must invest in our future,” Ambassador Michael Oren told about 200 people at the Renaissance Center during the annual conference of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

Oren criticized increasing attempts by some to boycott Israel or Israeli settlements. Peter Beinart, a writer who practices Orthodox Judaism, sparked an intense debate this year with his call to boycott products from Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.

Oren said Beinart’s plan is impractical and bigoted. “As a practical matter, you can’t do it,” Oren said. Also, “it is prejudiced. … It’s very dangerous.”

Oren’s visit to Detroit came amid controversy over his appearance in a segment on the CBS newsmagazine “60 Minutes” last month that criticized how Israel treats its Palestinian Christians, including limiting their access to travel across the territories.

In his talk, Oren defended Israel’s treatment of Christians, saying that Israel has the “only growing Christian population” among countries in the Middle East. Speaking to the Free Press after his talk, Oren said that Christians in Israel are doing well “economically, socially, academically.”

In reality, as reported earlier, Christians are spat upon and regularly abused in Israel. (See “Death to Christians” and “Price Tag” Attacks in Israel).

In his talk, Oren said that Palestinian leaders are not recognizing Israel as a Jewish country, which he said is one reason why the peace process is not moving forward. Some Palestinians say that Arabs should be given equal rights alongside Jews in Israel and the territories.

But Oren said: “Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. … Our very existence is predicated on that peoplehood.”

Oren urged the audience not to become divided over Israel, saying that Jewish unity is important. Beinart and others have said that Israel has been losing support among liberal American Jews. Oren said support for Israel must come from both parties in the U.S.

“Bipartisan support for Israel is a paramount, strategic interest for the state of Israel,” Oren said.