Israel Media Says What American Media Won't Dare: Israel Controls America!

Commentary By Dr. David DukeHaaretz is one of the leading newspapers in Israel. The Jewish State of Israel allows Jews to have a much freer media than the Jewish dominators of the American media allow. The article pictured to the left tells the naked truth that Israel literally controls the American government and warns that the American people “will get tired of it.” Well, I hope and pray so!

One could not even imagine the NY Times or the Washington Post having such an editorial.

That fact alone should tell Americans just how controlled we Americans are.

We are not even allowed to know that we are controlled!

Read the first two paragraphs of the article:

An elephant and an ant will meet in Washington on Monday for a critical summit. But wait, who here is the elephant and who the ant? Who is the superpower and who the patronage state?

A new chapter is being written in the history of nations. Never before has a small country dictated to a superpower; never before has the chirp of the cricket sounded like a roar; never has the elephant resembled the ant – and vice versa. No Roman province dared tell Julius Caesar what to do, no tribe ever dreamed of forcing Genghis Khan to act in accordance with its own tribal interests. Only Israel does this. On Monday, when Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the White House, it will be hard to tell which one is the real leader of the world.

Read these juicy excerpts:

…on the list of the seven wonders of the world than the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, than the Roman Colosseum or the Great Wall of China: Israel’s wondrous power in the face of the United States.

…Israel features in the American presidential campaign as no other foreign country does, with the candidates vying for the sobriquet of “biggest Israel-lover” to the point where it often seems to be the main issue. Rich Jews like Sheldon Adelson donate enormous war chests to candidates for the sole purpose of buying their support for Israel, while the president of the United States, who won with a message of change, was forced to fold up, at lightning speed, the flag of planting peace in the Middle East simply because Israel said “No.” If last week a British member of the House of Lords was forced to resign from Parliament after daring to criticize Israel, in the United States she would never have even considered making her views known.

…Israel is teaching the world a lesson in international relations: Size doesn’t matter. When it comes to foreign policy Europe toes the U.S. line much more than tiny Israel does. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also taught the world that it’s possible to tell the American president “No,” bluntly and explicitly, and not only remain alive but even to gain in strength. So Obama begged for an extension of the settlement construction freeze – so what? Netanyahu will take care of it: He took the issue off the agenda.

When he goes to the White House on Monday he will make a new demand: Either you or we (attack Iran ), putting the leader of the free world in a tight spot. Obama does not want to ensnare his country in another war or in an energy crisis, but when Netanyahu hath demanded, who will not fear?

No, you won’t read this article in America’s newspapers at all, much less on the editorial page!

You won’t hear this sentiment so straightforwardly pronounced by any of the talking heads on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News or the BBC!

One man who skirted the issue with very careful guarding of very word for the Jewish thought police, Pat Buchanan, was sacked from MSNBC because of very mild references to the fact that America is under the thumb of Israel.

I will say the unsayable for an American political figure:

America is now run by traitors who put the interests of Israel first, with catastrophic affects for the American people and for the world.

Just a few of them include:

The Iraq War and a dangerously approaching, insane war against Iran. How many more tens of thousands of Americans must be maimed or killed? How many more trillions of dollars of cost, how much more fostering of hate and terrorism upon all Americans because of these insane wars for Israel?

Got to Haaretz and read the entire article, then go to the search engine of www.davidduke.com and search for Zionist war. Watch my videos on these subjects, and listen to my daily radio show on the Rense Radio Network.

Read, listen learn, think for yourself. Free your mind from Zionist brainwashing.

Free yourself, your children, your family and your country from the tribalist invaders who rule over you and lead you to destruction.

The time is late, act now!