Israel: Immigration for Jews-Only

All over the world, Jewish Supremacists have been behind legislation and regulations promoting the “free movement of people,” particularly into countries with a large European population or traditionally majority-European nations.

Yet Israel maintains one of the strictest immigration policies on earth, and makes sure that only Jews who have been certified as such through ancestry (biological descent) are legally allowed to enter that country.

The overtly racial nature of Israel’s immigration policy was highlighted once again this week when an aircraft with 350 Jewish “immigrants” from North America landed in Tel Aviv, planning to make the Jewish state their new home.

Quoted in a news report, one immigrant, 18-year-old Becca Richman, who left her family in Philadelphia to serve in the Israeli military said that “This is my dream. This is what I came to do.”

Nearly 130 other army recruits were on Tuesday’s chartered flight. The immigrants were met by throngs of family members, flags, banners, a stage and live music.

Among the dignitaries greeting them was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He commended them for deciding to “link their personal future with the future of the Jewish state and the Jewish people.”

More than 4,000 immigrants have arrived in Israel from the U.S., Canada and United Kingdom this year.

Sidney and Naomi Schulman left their Massachusetts dental practice to retire in Jerusalem. Their three children and 12 grandchildren, who already live in Israel, all greeted them at the airport, wearing shirts listing their extensive family tree.

“It feels right here,” said Naomi Schulman. “We feel very privileged that we’ve reached this stage in our lives, that we’ve had the opportunity to reunite on a permanent basis with our children and our grandchildren.”

Yet Palestinians who were born there, remain excluded and persecuted. Jews, however, who have no link to Israel apart from a vague biblical claim, have the fullest right to settle there, under Israeli law, simply because they are biologically Jews.

Imagine if Germany limited immigration to people only of biological German descent?

Imagine in France limited immigration to people only of biological French descent?

Imagine if any European nation limited immigration to people only of biological European descent?

These same Jews would be up in arms over such “racism” – but because Israel and fellow Jews do it, not a word is uttered. In fact, it is supported.

One law for the Jewish Supremacists, another law for the Goyim.