Israel “First” to get New Generation F35 Jetfighter: Paid for by American Taxpayers

F35The Israeli Air force will be one of the first in the world to be given the very latest Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth jet fighter—even before the aircraft becomes fully operational in the US Air Force.

In addition, the $2.75 billion price tag of the F35 shipment to Israel, is less than the annual aid subsidy of more than $3 billion, not including the recent special military budget allocated to the Zionist state.

The vice president of Lockheed Martin, Steve O’Bryan, announced Tuesday at the Paris Air Show that Israel will be the first country to receive the F-35 American-made stealth fighter jet, the Israeli news source Israel Hayom has reported.

The first of 20 F-35s are scheduled to arrive in Israel in “2016 at the earliest,” the Israeli newspaper said.

However, an article in the Examiner of May 2013, reported that the US Airforce will only be given 12 F35s by “December 2016” and that the US Navy “will have its first operational squadron ready by February 2019.”

In other words, the Zionist Supremacists will not only get Americans to pay for the aircraft, but also get them before the American armed forces themselves.

Ultimately, the Israeli Air Force wants 75 F-35s, the Israeli news source continued.

The obvious question which all reasonable people will ask is why would Israel be the first to get these advanced aircraft even before the USAF?

The answer lies in the simple fact that the Jewish Supremacist lobby controls the US government so completely that they are able to openly manipulate the political and economic infrastructure in their own interests.

This in turn leads the rest of the world—and the Muslim world in particular—to regard America as nothing but a Jewish Supremacist puppet.

“Deals” such as the handing over of advanced weapons of war such as the F35 to Israel merely confirm this allegation to be true—and this in turn, causes hatred against America and Americans.

This US aid to Israel, then, is the true cause of terrorism against America and American citizens.