IRS’s Steve Miller Sacking: Is this the Real Reason?

Could the real reason for the sacking of Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service Steve Miller be that he simply tried to apply normal rules and regulations to Jewish lobby groups funding Israel?

The Jewish Supremacist-controlled media has claimed that Miller’s sacking is due to his “biased” investigations into “patriotic” and “conservative” organizations at the expense of left wing organizations.

jewish irs complaint

However, the issue of Miller’s investigations in the IRS has long been a topic in the media which the Jewish Supremacists address only to their own people, as for example in this article published in the “The Jewish Press” titled “Congress Widens IRS Investigation, Pro-Israel Groups Were Targeted.”

According to that Jewish newspaper, it had reported last week already that “certain conservative organizations,” one of which it named as Z STREET, a “right wing Zionist” Jewish lobby. According to the report, ZSTREET had already filed a lawsuit against the IRS in 2010 over the matter.

(It is no coincidence that the article in the Jewish Press quoted here was written by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, president of ZSTREET).

In addition, the Jewish Press continued, Congressmen Dave Camp (R-MI)  and Sander Levin (D-MI) shave signed a “3 page, single space, 13 point  letter” making clear that they were “greatly displeased with the lack of candor and responsiveness the IRS has displayed towards their committee’s now-nearly two year long investigation of the agency.

“In addition to seeking information about the IRS dealing with organization’s whose mission deals with Israel, the Ways and Means Committee is also seeking information about any other kinds of organizations the IRS chose to scrutinize based upon those organization’s political views.”

In other words, the sudden axing of Miller from the IRS appears not to be connected with his investigation of “conservative organizations” as the controlled media is claiming, but rather to do with his investigation of Jewish lobby organizations ,their funding and alleged tax-dodging as they channel money and support to Israel.

This provides a much better explanation for the firing of Miller, as the left-leaning Obama administration would in all likelihood not have reacted so swiftly if it were “conservative” European-American organizations which were under the IRS spotlight.