Iranians Reveal Zionist Hypocrisy over Nuclear Weapons

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Khazayee underlined the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, and attacked the Zionist regime for its lies about Tehran’s nuclear program.

Khazayee said the “baseless claims of the Zionist regime about the nature of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities is just another attempt by it to deviate the international public opinion from secret expansion of its nuclear arsenal. “

In a meeting of the United Nations Security Council which focused on ways to fight human trafficking and controlling illegal border exchanges, he said the Zionist regime owns hundreds of nuclear warheads and other kinds of mass killing weapons which are all illegal and threaten the international peace and security.

“Using hollow claims against Iran is one of the basic characteristics of the war-mongering policies of the Zionist regime,” he said.

“Zionists accuse Iran of arms trafficking while they embark on many criminal acts like state terrorism an example of which is the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan.

“Israel, the Middle East’s sole nuclear power, possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads while it is not a signatory to the NPT or any other international convention.

“The Zionist regime has never allowed UN inspectors to visit its nuclear sites or arsenal,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz has said that “other countries” have readied their armed forces for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear sites.

Gantz did not specify which nations might be willing to support or take direct action against Iran, but his comments were described by the Israeli Haaretz newspaper as “one of the strongest hints yet that Israel may have the backing of other countries to strike the Islamic Republic to prevent it from developing nuclear arms.”

“The military force is ready,” Gantz said. “Not only our forces, but other forces as well.”