Investigative reporter Gordon Thomas tells the Mossad's shocking story

Gordon Thomas has spent his life researching the world’s most infamous intelligence agencies, he says the most amazing and extraordinary of them all is Israel’s Mossad, you can hear him recount some of the Mossad’s dubious handywork on the TruNews Radio interview below — admin

Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors

The Mossad was formed in 1951 to coordinate the intelligence-gathering efforts of the still-young nation of Israel. In the nearly half century since, it has become a force to be reckoned with, boasting an impressive track record of counterterrorist actions and assassinations. Gideon’s Spies is loaded with anecdotes of their greatest exploits (and a few colossal blunders). Among the most interesting sections are the suggestions that Mossad agents killed media tycoon Robert Maxwell in 1991, that the agency’s attempted recruitment of Henri Paul, the driver of Princess Diana’s car that fateful night, may have caused sufficient emotional distress to be a contributing factor in the accident, and that Mossad operatives in America had tapes of the phone-sex conversations between President Bill Clinton and his lover Monica Lewinsky. There’s also some extensive material on the links between the Israelis and the Vatican, including the Mossad’s role in the investigation into the attempted 1981 assassination of Pope John Paul II and the agency’s constant battles against the PLO. An interesting nonfiction read for fans of international spy thrillers. — Amazon.com

Gordon Thomas is author of 53 books, with total sales exceeding 45 million copies. His bestseller Gideon’s Spies: Mossad’s Secret Warriors (1999 St. Martin’s Press) has been published in 55 countries and has been extensively revised in 2008. His most recent book is The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy (Carroll & Graf, New York).
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Source: TruNews.com