Into the Level of the Absurd…How to Tell Who the Real Rulers Are.

London Mayor Ken Livingstone (left) threatened with being deposed for criticizing a Jewish Reporter!

Into the Level of the Absurd…How to Tell Who Rules!
By David Duke

The old saying is that the way to find out who is in charge is to simply find out who cannot be criticized. Never has that been more true than in today’s world of Jewish supremacy. The mayor of London, who is, by the way, no friend of the British people as he has been an ardent supporter of both non-White immigration into Britain and every manifestation of Jewish supremacism, is threatened with being removed from office for simply using a politically incorrect reference to a Jewish reporter.
The reporter, Oliver Finegold works for the Daily Mail which had a pro-German, anti-War position in the 1930s but has since become a Neocon bastion. Finegold had been giving Livingstone hell for years. Here’s the exchange as reported by the Jerusalem Post:

Finegold replied that he was Jewish. Livingstone told the reporter he was “just like a concentration camp guard. You’re just doing it because you’re paid to, aren’t you?”

The conversation was recorded on tape and played before the London Assembly on Monday. The body passed a unanimous motion calling on the mayor to withdraw his remarks.

It said that, despite Livingstone’s record in fighting racism, his remarks damaged his credibility, offended the Jewish community and probably hurt London’s chances of hosting the 2012 Olympics.

A major Jewish group, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has made an official complaint to local government watchdogs to demand an investigation into the mayor’s comments.

And read this quote from the London Times:

Nicky Gavron, Labour’s deputy London Mayor, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, said: “I do not think in my view there are any circumstances which justify inappropriate reference to the Holocaust and that is why the Labour group is joining with everyone here in this motion asking the mayor to apologise.”

Saying that an obnoxious person is like a concentration camp guard, that’s supposed to be an “inappropriate reference to the Holocaust?” Notice how more and more the Holocaust becomes like a religion that threatens people with blasphemy for simply not always intoning it in the correctly religious fashion. How absurd.

Somehow comparing someone to a concentration camp guard is supposedly offensive to Jews because it trivializes the Holocaust and making the comment against an individual obnoxious Jew is equivalent to “racism” and anti-Semitism. We have entered the depths of the absurd in Britain and America. Livingstone could have said any disparaging thing he wanted about any reporter, as is done by thousands of politicians every day all over the world, but nowadays if you dare criticize even a single member of the holy unassailable Jewish elite, you are guilty a crime which could strip you of your very office.

Notice also the absolute power of these Jewish supremacists. Not only is Livingstone facing losing his position as mayor, the Jews are threatening to destroy London’s chances of hoisting the 2012 Olympic Games! All because the mayor makes a private disparaging comment to an individual obnoxious reporter comparing him to a “concentration camp guard.” And this Mayor has been slavishly behind every iota of the Jewish agenda all along.

Not only are the Jewish supremacists absolute in their power, they are a capricious and thin-skinned as any tyrannical rulers in history. Don’t forget than in many nations today Jews have had laws enacted that make it an imprisonable offense to utter a single line about the Holocaust that is not part of the approved orthodoxy and litany of this new religion. It is long past time to depose them for until we do we will not be free. And if we are not free, we will not survive.