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Interview With David Duke from Sweden

Swedish Magazine Nordisk Frihet Interviews David Duke

By Charlotte Thorbjörnsson/Nordisk Frihet

This interview with Dr David Duke will be published in the coming issue of Swedish magazine Nordisk Frihet nr 4. The interview was made after David Duke visited the Nordic Festival in the summer of 2005 and David Duke was accused of committing “incitement to hatred against a minority group” in Sweden. An allegation that came just when David’s reputation in Sweden as a speaker for the European peoples’ cause was starting to grow and his book Jewish Supremacism was selling better than ever. Which could well be an indication of just how afraid the present multicultural-pushing Swedish regime is of the message David is delivering. And what extremes they are willing to go to to quiet the free word in Sweden. — CT

A well known foreign guest who attended the Nordic Festival in the late summer of 2005 was the author and great friend of Sweden, David Duke from the USA. David Duke has become known for being a much appreciated speaker at nationalist gatherings in our country ever since the first educational tour of the Nordic Alliance in 2005. Something, that’s also been noticed by media faithful to the regime of Sweden. But not because of his academic success, his authorship or his commitment to the continued survival of the European people.

Instead, media faithful to the regime depict David Duke as “notorious”, a “racist” and as an “extremist” in articles just as imaginative as the pictures accompanying them. It’s not just the hysterical courting of the media that show that David Duke’s speeches have been of great importance for the growth of the nationalistic opposition in Sweden. Even the “Swedish-hostile” prosecution office of Sweden’s third largest city Malmö, has now directed their attention towards Dr David Duke from the USA.

Since the autumn of 2005 there’s an ongoing investigation in Malmö against David Duke for alleged “incitement to hatred against a minority group”. As this magazine is being published, prosecutors still haven’t been given any proof to support the accusations. Which is not surprising since the accusations are completely unfounded. Even the anti-Swedish individuals who claim to have spent years investigating and mapping David Duke’s “activities” in Sweden, seem to have been forced to the same conclusion, despite years of painstaking effort.


Nordisk Frihet has interviewed David Duke concerning the absurd case that might be awaiting him in Sweden. Absurd, because anyone who has actually heard any of the speeches David Duke held in Sweden would find it hard to construe them as crimes of hate. They’re rather speeches full of love for our European peoples and cultures.

David, are you a speaker of hate like the prosecution office in Malmö, are trying to claim?

— Of course not, David Duke answers firmly. Accusing someone of “hate” is similar to accusing someone of witchcraft or heresy in the Middle Ages. It is blanket term that really means nothing concrete. For instance, how is it in Sweden that if one condemns acts of White violence against aliens it is never called “hate” but if one condemns the violence of alien immigrants against Swedes, such as the now frequent phenomena of gang rape of young Swedish girls by immigrants, one is called a “hate criminal”?

— Another perfect example is that when Gentiles expose the racist, hateful forms of anti-Gentile Jewish extremism it is called “hate.” But, when Jews and others denounce Gentile anti-Semitic extremism it is called courageous and principled.

— I preach an equitable, non-violent, decent approach to the problem with an end to immigration and compensation for aliens who voluntarily return to their own homelands. That’s not hate, it is the desire for self-preservation, Nature’s highest law.


— I love my heritage. Sweden and Northern Europe is the ancestral homeland of my progenitors, I want to see them preserved as a land of our people and not become some alien country that more resembles the Third World than Europe!

What is the reason that prosecutors, mainstream media e t c would construe your speeches that way, as hate speeches?

— It is obviously because they disagree with them.

— It is much easier to fight an idea if you simply label it with the incendiary word “hate” than have to debate the fundamental issues. Again it is the same reality as the bigots of the middle ages who simply screamed “witch” or “heretic” rather than debate the issues at hand, such as whether the earth was the center of the solar system.

Through his work David Duke gives hope and courage to all of the oppressed white peoples and exposes the likes of Sven-Erik Alhem of the prosecution office in Malmö for the oppressors of the Swedish people and all other European peoples that they actually are. To assume that these people are in fact afraid of Duke is not far-fetched. David Duke agrees with this:

— I think they know that my message is supported by millions of Swedes so they have to put a negative label or connotation on it. Yes, the only thing holding the Swedish people back from securing their freedom and heritage is a startling lack of courage. But, we know the history of the Swedish people, courage is your blood, your soul and sinew. They are afraid I will awaken it. I pray I shall help awaken it!


In the speeches given by David Duke in Sweden in August last year, he actually warned of the kind of racial violence against people of European descent that was soon to become a living nightmare in both his own country and in Europe. Namely the violent, mainly black riots in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina, the violent immigrant riots in France and the immigrant riot in Sweden where a Swedish girl was badly beaten and shot at with machine guns by an immigrant mob.

— Yes, when you know the truth it’s not hard to predict the future, David Duke says. A Suncentric “heretic” in the middle-ages could certainly predict an eclipse better than some superstitious red-robed authority who believes the sun revolves around the earth. Understanding the realities of race and ethnicity enables one to be quite the prophet. People such as myself and Le Pen have been warning about what happened in France. We were right. And my prophecy for Sweden is dire unless your great people awaken soon.


In articles on his web site Duke made crushing comparisons between how much attention the international media gave him for being investigated for alleged hate speech in Sweden, and how none of the same international media called for charges of hate crime when a helpless, handicapped white woman was set fire to on a bus by a rioting, immigrant mob in France during the riots.

–Yes, agrees David Duke, a perfect example for those who are still capable of independent thought. If you speak about the horrors inflicted on Frenchmen by the hate-filled immigrant rioters you will be prosecuted as promoting racial hatred. But the burning alive of a middle-aged, handicapped White women by an African mob brings not a single condemnation by politicians or media as a race or a hate crime!


While Nordisk Frihet are thanking David Duke for sharing with us of his valuable time, we wanted to ask for ourselves and on behalf of our readers if he has managed to rebuild his home and office in Louisiana, that were devastated after hurricane Katrina.

— Yes, says David Duke, and much thanks to those in Sweden who realize that our heritage faces a world wide problem and helps to support my work. I hope that I have made a significant contribution to the Swedish people’s fight for their heritage and freedom.
That it is definitely so, is something that Nordisk Frihet can certify for sure! Nordisk Frihet expresses our hope of soon seeing David back in Sweden, rightfully free of the unfounded charges that the suppressors of free speech want to make against him.

— Whatever, I will not stop my work, Duke promises. If they want to make an international case out this, I will come back to Sweden and fight the charges. In an earlier case, leaders of the Swedish Parliament said that even questioning the Holocaust must be allowed in a free society. I certainly hope that I also have freedom to speak my opinions.

–If I am charged I would also file charges before the European Court of Human Rights. The United Nations Charter of which Sweden of course ratified, states clearly the right of freedom of speech and expression. Either Sweden is a free country or it is not. I believe that 99 percent of Swedes want it to be free. I don’t believe I can be prosecuted for speeches where I simply used intellectual argument, condemned violence and expressed my political opinions, says David Duke, one of the world’s foremost freedom fighters for the European peoples.