Independence Day — We must dedicate ourselves to regaining our loss of American Independence!



A Solemn Independence Day
By David Duke

We should not celebrate our Independence today, but mourn its loss, and solemnly rededicate ourselves to regaining the freedom for which our forefathers have fought and died.

I ask you to consider the following:

Imagine if the rulers of a Mideast nation such as Syria, and I am not simply speaking about a gang of radicals in that nation, but the actual government ministers of this Mideast nation, launched terrorist attacks against American civilian installations.

Imagine if the Syrian Government sent terrorists into Egypt to firebomb American theaters and libraries and treacherously plotted to blame the attacks on Egypt so that the United States would go to war against that nation.

If successful, the treacherous plan would harm America even more than the terrorist attacks themselves, because even more American blood and treasure would be spilled in a devastating war on an innocent nation!

Imagine that the premature explosion of the one of the Syrian agent’s bombs led to the capture of all the Syrian operatives and ultimately caused a complete exposure of Syria’s terrorism against America.

In fact, imagine that the failed plot became so exposed that the Syrian Defense minister had to resign.

How do you think the United States would respond to these acts of terrorism committed against Americans by the Syrian government?

Would not at the very least America make military strikes at Syrian installations?

Remember, that without Iraq committing even a single warlike act against the United States, America invaded Iraq and spent hundreds of billions of dollars and suffered great numbers of dead and wounded.

Again, how would America respond to any Mideast nation that clearly made terrorist attacks against American civilian installations?

After such dastardly terrorist attacks would the American people send billions of dollars in aid including military weapons to Syria?

After such attacks, how would every Congressman be viewed that took money from Lobby organizations that support the Syrian government?

Would they not be attacked in the press, would they not be properly accused of disloyalty to the United States, perhaps even treason?

Imagine that due to the ubiquitous pro-Syrian political and media power in America that amazingly no actions were taken against Syria and that military and other aid to Syria continued.

And finally, imagine that years after the attacks, the President of Syria in an open, public ceremony gives awards to the Syrian terrorists who bombed American installations and calls them “heroes.”

Do you think a free press would keep such an obscene ceremony from the knowledge of the American public? Or do you think that the Syrian Government’s praising of terrorists who attacked America would unleash a huge scandal and uproar.

Well, everything I just described to you actually has happened, and I mean in every detail.

Except it wasn’t the Syrian government that launched terrorist attacks on America, it was Israel.

In the Lavon Affair, the Israeli government sent terrorists to bomb American installations in Egypt and blame the Egyptians for it. One of their bombs exploded prematurely which led to the capture of one the agents and eventually the rounding up of all of them. They confessed and the Israeli Defense minister Pinhas Lavon was forced to resign because of the failure and exposure of this Israeli treachery.

This is no fantasy; this is absolute historical fact which you can verify from numerous major historical sources, including leading Jewish sources.

Only thing is, you probably haven’t even heard of it.

Why not?

And why would America continue to give military weapons and equipment to a nation that launched terrorist attacks against us?

What does that tell you about Israeli influence over the American government and the press?

More than a decade after the Lavon Affair, Israel made another terrorist attack on America. Israel launched a terroristic, surprise attack on the U.S. navy ship, the USS Liberty. Using unmarked planes and torpedo boats they massacred 34 Americans and grievously wounded 173 more. The Secretary of State at the time, Dean Rusk, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Thomas Moorer, among many others, stated that Israel purposefully and knowingly attacked the USS Liberty.

Perhaps Israel learned in Lavon Affair that they could get away with attacking the United States. And well they did!

The Israeli lobby was even able to stop, even to this day, a formal Congressional investigation into this terrorist, murderous attack.

And America went on supporting the Israeli terrorist state.

How was America rewarded?

Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard devastated the American intelligence network in what has been called one of the most damaging episodes of espionage in American history.

Did this stop our giving away countless billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to Israel?

And now, in the very latest perfidy, the most powerful lobby in America, AIPAC, the American Israel Political Action Committee, a group that essentially bribes most of the members of the United States Congress to support this terrorist, treacherous nation, has been shown to have spied on the United States of America. One of AIPAC’s leading operatives has been arrested and others have already resigned.

And still the President of the United States and members of Congress prostrate themselves and our country on the altar of this foreign nation.

Never before, since the time of our Declaration of Independence, has America more needed our Independence.

This Independence Day let us rededicate ourselves to an America independent of this Zionist Power that dominates our government and media. Let us once more have a government that acts for the people of the United States rather than this malevolent foreign power that has repeatedly harmed our country.

For more information on the Lavon Affair and the recent Israeli honoring of the Jewish terrorists who attacked the United States, click here.