Impoverished America Reaps the Whirlwind of Jewish Supremacist Control

The Jewish Supremacist-created “banking crisis” and their “open doors” immigration policy for America only, has so impoverished the U.S. that one in four children are now on food stamps according to 2011 data from the United States Department of Agriculture and U.S. Census Bureau.


The continuing downturn in the American economy is the direct result of Jewish Supremacist control of the economic and social policies of America, which are aimed at undermining and destroying the founding European American population.

Jewish Supremacist predator banks such as the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and other notable institutions, such as Ameriquest (under now deceased Jewish Supremacist Roland E. Arnall), started the subprime mortgage disaster which led to the “banking crisis.”

This “banking crisis” was “solved” when the Jewish Supremacists used their political clout to extract billions of dollars in subsidies from their fellow tribesmen in control of the Federal Reserve. This in turn has inflicted decades of tax debt burden upon ordinary Americans and destroyed much of the U.S. economy.

As a result, the numbers of people receiving food stamp aid has risen by an astonishing 15.5 million recipients since 2009.

In total, some 19.9 million children benefited from the food supplement out of a population of 73.9 million Americans under the age of 18, the Census Bureau estimated.

A total of 47.5 million people are enrolled in the program or 1 out of every 6.5 Americans, according to enrolment data released for October 2011.  Children constituted 45 percent of total participation.

That number is stark contrast to the data from 1970, when one out of every 50 Americans benefited from the supplement.

In addition to this financial crisis, the “open doors” immigration policy pushed by these same Jewish Supremacists –for America only, not Israel, where a strictly Jews-only policy is endorsed and applauded—has led to the wholesale importation of much of the poverty from Mexico and other Central American countries. All that has been done to destroy the traditional European American founding population base of America, to prevent them from becoming a problem for the Jewish Supremacists.