Immigration Equation: The Next 20 Years In America

obama-mccain-lieberman-kennedy-2.jpgThe Next 20 Years In America

We Are SO Unprepared For Our Future!

By Frosty Wooldridge — MP3

As I said at the beginning of this series, the next 20 years will be nothing like the last twenty years. If you think gas prices rip money out of your wallet today—watch for water, heating costs and food prices to explode beyond your paycheck in 20 years. Everything we took for granted for decades will change.

What confounds me stems from the fact that we bring this civilization-breaking predicament down upon ourselves—with no apparent understanding of our dilemma. We could stop what’s coming at us by a suspension of relentless immigration of 3.1 million annually and another 72 million immigrants within 25 years—because that’s what’s driving our human overload. If we add another 72 million immigrants as projected, just tell me how we’re going to feed, house, provide healthcare and jobs to that many people when we cannot provide jobs for 15 million of our own citizens today.

Every month, our Congress injects another 225,000 immigrants into this country, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. We’re cracking up our country faster than Humpty-Dumpty. Once we manifest another 72 million immigrants, everything will change in this country of ours. Everything!

The great French writer Jean Raspail told his beloved country the same thing in his book Camp of the Saints 35 years ago as a fleet of immigrants steamed toward France: “You don’t know my people—the squalor, superstitions, the fatalistic sloth that they’ve wallowed in for generations. You don’t know what you’re in for if that fleet of brutes ever lands in your lap. Everything will change in this country of yours. They will swallow you up.” Today, France staggers under its five million Muslim immigrant load that has created two Frances, two incompatible cultures, two languages and a very dim future for the French as they become outnumbered by their immigrants. Note: add UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Canada.

If you could imagine the entire island of Haiti with 9.5 million poverty- stricken, illiterate people immigrating into the United States—that’s what we’re doing to ourselves. Times a factor of eight!

“The United States is the only country in history that deliberately changed its ethnic makeup, and history has few examples of diversity creating a stable society,” said Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm. By 2045, America’s new majority will become Mexican/Hispanic.

As dozens of ethnic tribes push for dominance in our communities, with their incompatible cultural proclivities, in their insupportable taxpayer-provided baby making, with their reliance to welfare, in their lack of educational propensities, with their crime, and in their drug use—we all lose. It’s already happening at breakneck speed with flunkout/dropout rates of 7,000 high school kids quitting every day; more than 1.2 million annually. (Source: CNN) What do you think uneducated people do? They make more babies like themselves at a rate greater than we can pull them out of the ghetto situation. We cannot maintain an educated workforce with functionally illiterate citizens.

Dr. George Colburn said, “It is insanity to add new cultures that promote disharmony within an existing peaceful culture.” www.tomorrowsamerica.com

Multiculturalism Uncontrolled Chaos
Dr. Garrett Hardin’s ‘The Ostrich Factor’ illustrates our folly as to turning our culture over to many cultures: “Multiculturalism presumes peaceful coexistence of many cultures within the boundaries of the same nation. Examples of multiculturalism from USSR, the Baltics, and Central Africa have resulted in violence generated by chaos.”

Hardin suggests the adoption of multiculturalism is based on a serious misunderstanding of culture. “The definition of culture by 19th century anthropologists: “the activities of a society – that is, of its members – constitute its culture” was intended to enlarge sympathy for daily rituals around the globe. The consequences of multiculturalism are much different when many cultures are placed within a single nation (intranational multiculturalism) rather than between nations (international multiculturalism).

“The unity and strength of a nation depends on maintaining the dominance of law-supported discriminations. To achieve world peace, spatially separated countries must obey different ethical mandates. A nation selecting to forbid genital laceration of young girls (Female genital mutilation) cannot tolerate internal diversity. Intranational (within our country) multiculturalism creates chaos and destroys national peace. By contrast, international multiculturalism can promote peace in the short term and still provide appreciation of culture through personal visits and information exchange.”

While the USA suffered(s) racial divides with its Blacks and Whites for the past 236 years, it will now experience greater separation with Blacks, Whites, Mexicans and Muslims—all competing from totally different cultural mandates and religions. The great philosopher Kant said, “Religion and language are the two great dividers.” As you can imagine, we’re in for a rough ride as English, Arabic and Spanish all fight for dominance—and completely different languages fighting to be understood within the USA. Result: ultimately misunderstanding and confrontation on every level, i.e., Balkanization.

Finally, The Sheer Numbers Of Immigration
While most Americans refuse to do anything about the ‘corroding’ of our culture, language and sustainability—it’s obvious in our $13 trillion debt, water shortages, endless wars draining us to death, medical care breakdown and general apathy toward everything. Yet, the numbers keep rising toward adding 72 million immigrants and another 30 million Americans to reach 100 million by 2035—a scant 24 years from now.

Chris Hedges said, “Civilizations rise, decay and die. Time, as the ancient Greeks argued, for individuals and for states is cyclical. As societies become more complex they become inevitably more precarious. They become increasingly vulnerable. And as they begin to break down there is a strange retreat by a terrified and confused population from reality, an inability to acknowledge the self-evident fragility and impending collapse. The elites at the end speak in phrases and jargon that do not correlate to reality. They retreat into isolated compounds, whether at the court at Versailles, the Forbidden City or modern palatial estates. The elites indulge in unchecked accumulation of wealth and extravagant consumption. They are deaf to the suffering of the masses that are repressed with greater and greater ferocity. Resources are more ruthlessly depleted until they are exhausted.” (Source: “This time we’re taking the whole planet with us”)

I see this ‘thing’ coming as surely as the dawn. Many others do, too! The question: how do we ‘get’ to our leaders before we degrade as a civilization? How do we force them to change course?

“As food and water shortages expand across the globe, as mounting poverty and misery trigger street protests in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, the elites do what all elites do,” said Hedges. “They launch more wars, plunge their nations deeper into debt, and as it all unravels they take it out on the backs of workers and the poor. The collapse of the global economy, which wiped out a staggering $40 trillion in wealth, was caused when our elites, after destroying our manufacturing base, sold massive quantities of fraudulent mortgage-backed securities to pension funds, small investors, banks, universities, state and foreign governments and shareholders. The elites, to cover the losses, then looted the public treasury to begin the speculation over again. They also, in the name of austerity, began dismantling basic social services, set out to break the last vestiges of unions, slashed jobs, froze wages, threw millions of people out of their homes, and stood by idly as we created a permanent underclass of unemployed and underemployed.”

I hope this column wakens you to what we all face in the next 20 years—or more importantly—what our children face. It’s not pretty, but we can change it. Ideas for a positive future:

Moratorium on all immigration into the United States
Enforce laws to repatriate 20 million illegal aliens
Cease ‘free trade’ and engage ‘fair trade’
Bring manufacturing back to America
Elect a president with integrity, talent and economic skills
50,000 U.S. Marines on Mexican border
Withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan
Engage massive conservation efforts for glass, metal and plastics
Engage massive efforts for energy efficiency, insulation, conservation
Engage massive educational thrust for all American kids at every level
Engage massive education as to nutrition, exercise and quality of life
That means we cannot remain a nation of 68 percent obesity and expect to enjoy healthy lives or sustainable healthcare systems
Regain personal accountability and personal responsibility as a way of life
Elect politicians that work for America instead of liars and incompetents that now dominate Congress
Your ideas?

These two videos visually tell you what I have written. Send them to all your friends. The more we understand, the more we will take action. The more we take action, the sooner we change our history toward a viable future for our children:

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.

Take five minutes to see for yourself “Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck:



This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a word “Mind boggling!” www.NumbersUSA.org



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