If you think the media and government in the United States is not controlled by Jewish Extremists — how do you explain…

left– cover of Jewish magazine Moment which states the obvious.

“Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch’s News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout – however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so.”(Los Angeles Jewish Times Oct. 29. 1999)

For the Liberals (and Conservatives) who visit this Website for the first time:

If you think the media and government in the United States is not controlled by Jewish Extremists — how do you explain…

The press and the government only focuses on the fact Israel is destroying 2,000 settler homes on land in Gaza stolen from the Palestinians, but there are no headlines announcing that at the very same time Israel is building more than 6,400 Settler homes on stolen land in the Israeli Military-occupied West Bank. This is against UN resolutions and long-stated U.S. policy.

Last week, for example, Israel issued tenders for 72 JEWISH-ONLY housing units in the settlement of Betar Illit, near Bethlehem.

So, not only is Israel stealing Palestinian land and violating UN resolutions (remember we went to war with Saddam for supposedly violating UN resolutions) but the housing units and settlements they build are completely SEGREGATED. Take for example the Nof Zion Jewish settlement built on confiscated Palestinian Land. Here is a link to the Daily Standard newspaper article about it which states:

But Nof Zion, due to open in 2007, is not your average suburb. Built amid 10,000 Palestinian residents of the East Jerusalem village Jabel Mukhaber, the 395 new housing units of Nof Zion will comprise a Jewish settlement in the heart of the area that every internationally recognized peace plan considers the future capital of a Palestinian state.

It is not clear to Palestinians in the area just how the closed gates of Nof Zion will impact their own neighborhoods and lives.
Backed by discriminatory housing laws and demographic-manipulation policies that favor new Jewish residents over Palestinians with centuries of direct heritage there, Nof Zion’s developers and future residents will be the beneficiaries of the Israeli push to lay permanent claim to as much of the West Bank as possible. see Nof Zioin

[PHOTO: Osama (left) and Saleh Zahaikah look out over their family’s land. Israel has confiscated it for use in creating infrastructure for the Nof Zion settlement. © Jon Elmer 2005.]

Question: How is it that the same media and government that condemned racial Segregation in the South and launched severe economic sanctions against South Africa for its policies of segregation, not only do not put sanctions against Israel but actually send this Jewish supremacist state obscene amounts of American taxpayer’s money?

In Israel and its occupied territories there is segregation of settlements, schools, apartment buildings, neighborhoods, businesses. Why is there no universal condemnation in the press or by government officials of this state-sanctioned segregation?

Why is it that the same media that condemn and abhor the former anti-intermarriage laws of many U.S. states have nothing to say about the fact that in Israel marriage between a Jew and non-Jew is illegal? see Intermarriage illegal in Israel

During the South African Apartheid, the government not only did not aid South Africa, it enforced economic sanctions against South Africa. It encouraged boycotts by corporations, institutions, universities of South African business and trade.

Now, the U.S. government under Jewish manipulation actually threatens American businesses and institutions with criminal prosecution if they dare to boycott the Israeli Apartheid State.

The same media and government power that has transformed our immigration laws to make European Americans a minority in America, and who don’t demand an enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration – support the Israeli State and the idea that Israel MUST BE A JEWISH STATE.

Those same people who decry immigration selected on ethnic descent, support Israel which has laws that favor its immigration to those of Jewish descent (genetics) while denying entrance to Palestinians who were born there.

The same media and government powers that favor multi-culturalism for America and a diminution of our Western, Christian heritage and traditions, supports the Jewish-Supremacist state of Israel which is devoted to the Jewish faith and preserving its traditions and culture.

Again, the same Jewish media bosses and political influencers that condemned South African Apartheid promote and protect the Israeli Apartheid state.

Why the double standard?

There is one clear answer to these questions.

The answer is found in the enormous power of Jewish extremists in American media and politics. The Jewish media bosses and power brokers make sure these issues are almost never mentioned, never debated, never questioned.

This enormous Jewish-supremacist power not only affects our pro-Israel policy, it has been the primary factor in launching the Iraq War, a war for Israel, not for America, a war which is a disaster for every family who has lost or had loved-ones maimed in that war, but for every American in the economic and security consequences of this Jewish Neocon created bloodbath.

Some will say it is anti-Semitic to simply point out these things. Anyone who utters legitimate criticism of Israel and of Jewish supremacists and extremists is called anti-Semitic. For the record I am not anti-Semitic, but I am anti-supremacist.

They call me anti-Semitic for daring point out this Jewish supremacism. They call me a hater for exposing Jewish-extremist hatred. They call me a supremacist for exposing Jewish supremacism. They call me a racist for exposing Jewish racism.

Yes, I am proud of my heritage and want to preserve it, but I seek no supremacy over any other people. If you want to find that look to the Jewish supremacists who not only want to control the West Bank of Palestine, but the East Bank of the Potomac!

The Jewish dominated media that trashes anyone who stands up to them, even Cindy Sheehan, the mother who lost her son to this Jewish Neocon war.

I am an easy target with my more radical, but absolutely nonviolent speaking out of over 30 years ago. I may have had politically incorrect opinions but no one has ever shown me to be violent or promote violence in any way. In fact, I have always condemned violence as I do now.

Contrast my treatment, for I have not a drop of blood on my hands, compared to the media promotion of Menachim Begin for a Nobel Peace Prize? He was a terrorist who murdered hundreds of Palestinian men women and children. Or consider the media acceptance of Ariel Sharon as the Prime Minister of Israel, a man who truly should be on trial for war crimes and mass murder.

Why is this? How do you explain it but for the Jewish extremist domination of the media?

That’s the state of affairs when Jewish extremists dominate the American media. see Who Runs the Media?

And now they savage Cindy Sheehan, an American mother who objects to her son or any other son or daughter to die in an insane war for Israel, a war that has no true American interests at stake, a war that does not nothing but harm not only the thousands of dead or maimed, but every American and the ideals upon which America was built.

Millions of Americans are learning the real truth about the Iraq War. Bringing up my affiliations with a non-violent Klan group of thirty years ago (long before I was elected to the House of Representatives in Louisiana), calling me a racist or anti-Semite, and burning and banning my books, such as the Canadian government recently did, will not stop the truth from eventually coming out.

If my notoriety and the media whipping of me help to publicize these truths, then it is worth the price.

I hope you take the opportunity to judge me for yourself by reading my book Jewish Supremacism, rather than by only reading what the Jewish supremacists have to say about me in their controlled press.

I believe that if you are truly open-minded that this website will open your eyes to a dangerous and powerful phenomenon, Jewish Supremacism.


David Duke