If Trump Breaks Promise on Border Wall – Is Trump Signaling He’s Not Running in 2020?
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If Trump Breaks Promise on Border Wall – Is Trump Signaling He’s Not Running in 2020?

If Trump allows the spending bill to go through without the Wall. Trump must know he can’t win in 2020.

News Flash !!! Trump Listens to Us! Announces he will Veto the Spending Bill if It has NO Wall !

By David Duke

No President ever had a more signature issue than Donald Trump in his “Build the Wall” slogan.

He shouted hs promise to “build a wall” a thousand times in his Presidential campaign. Now it appears, Trump has totally caved into the ZioCommie Dems and ZioConservative Republicans on his promised wall.

He did not demand the Party still in control of Congress to pass the 5 billion dollars to start the wall. (a paltry sum in terms of the budget)

The fact is that if the wall doesn’t get passed by the Congress before the Democratic House takes over in January, the wall will never happen.

The fact is that Trump will not be able to shift funding from other areas, as the Demo House when comes in will never allow it.

If the wall is not done now. It will never be done.

To add insult to injury Trump did not demand that the Republican Congress stop the obscenity of the spending bill giving 10 billion dollars of your U.S. Taxpayer’s money to Mexico and Guatemala.

If he doesn’t make an about face right now and refuse to sign the spending bill, he is political toast in 2020.

What will be slogan for 2020 be? “I promised to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. You should vote for me because I gave you no wall – but don’t be sad, I gave 10 billion dollars of your money  – to Mexico.”

Make no mistake. This is what destroyed George H.W. Bush. “Read my Lips, No New Taxes!” he promised. But, he supported a huge tax increase that meant not “Read My Lips,” but kiss my hips.

As a Republican President, he also supported a Liberal Democrat over me, the Republican Candidate, for the U.S. Senate.

In the Louisiana race for Governor, as a Republican House Member, I defeated the sitting Republican Governor of Louisiana in the first primary, and then Bush supported the corrupt leftist Democrat Edward Edwards for Governor. The slogan was memorable. “Vote for the Crook, It’s important!”

The ZioMedia was ebullient over Bush’s betrayal of the Republican and conservative agenda in supporting Democrats over me, and after his death they praised Bush for his breaking of his solemn oath to his voters of “No New Taxes.”

The ultimate political suicide any politician can make is betraying his base.

Trump has to know that.

Is he planning to make a deal with the Zio Deep State to not run for President in a vain attempt to keep him and his family out of Jail and preserve his real estate empire.

That’s what it looks like to me.

Trump could still turn it all around by doing what he told Zio Schumer and Pelosi in the White House, that he would be happy to shut down the government, because the security of America is the most important thing of all.

I hope you do that, Donald Trump.

If you don’t do the right thing, either way, the growing nationalist movement in America and around the world is heading for victory.

You can be remembered as a great hero, or as the worst craven traitor to our people in the entirety of American History.

There are many who have done far more harm to America than you, but Donald Trump, you gave us hope and we gave your our faithful support. Betrayal by an alleged friend, is far worse than the wounds inflicted by an open enemy.

It’s all up to you. Be known as hero or as a traitor.

For God’s Sake, Make a Stand Now.

For You, it is now or never. For Us, we will eventually prevail. No matter what you do, we will eventually win, take back our nation, our Western Christian Civilization and the future of our children.