How the Zionist Network Dragged America into World War I & II

How the Zionist Network Dragged America into World War I & II

Q & A Session with David Irving on Winston Churchill

Cincinnati Lecture – Summer of 1995

“…I’ve seen stories that Jenny Jerome the mother of Churchill was Jewish, and this has been reported in a Jerusalem newspaper I think a few months ago. I’m obviously looking into that, that she had Jewish blood in her maternal line. Very interesting indeed. I don’t think Churchill was cognizant of that fact, he never mentioned it, but what is interesting are his links to the Jewish community which I’ll go into in a little bit of detail here because they’ve not been gone into by any of the other Churchill biographers for obvious reasons, in particular the main authorized Churchill biographer Martin Gilbert hasn’t gone into it because for the simple reason that he is one himself, and he doesn’t want to harp on that fact.

But the two basic areas of interest to look at in Churchill’s career are the period of the so called wilderness when he resigned from Stanley Baldwin’s cabinet as a minister and for the next ten years until 1939 when he was out of office.

So all he had was his salary as a member of Parliament and his rather pitiful earnings as a journalist and yet somehow he managed to support an enormous country estate which cost a very large sum of money to support with all the gardeners, nurseries, nannies, cooks, and the housekeepers and all the rest of it. He had a private staff of sometimes 20 or 30 people, all supported on his salary as a member of Parliament, which was at that time around $2,000(US) per year.

How did he do it?

Well the answer is that from 1936 onwards he was financed by a little secret pressure group called The Focus [which was led by Zionist Sir Robert Waley Cohen]…” (continue at above Youtube)
Also read Churchill’s War by David Irving free online at www.fpp.co.uk
Youtube Source Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BpENdKqu0U