How the Media Diverts Attention from ZioPower by Blaming Whites

The Jewish Supremacist controlled media successfully diverts attention away from ZioPower by blaming “whites” for disproportionate Zionist representation in institutions such as the Supreme Court, a new article on the Occidental Observer has revealed.

Patrick Slattery Ph.D., writing in an article titled  “Elena Kagan’s ‘Diversity Problem’ and Jewish Privilege,” points out that the “reaction to the appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court in 2010 was a case study in how taboos are maintained in our society regarding the 600-pound gorilla of Jewish power.

“It is not just that little was said about the fact that she would be the third Jewish justice on the nine-member court in a country barely two percent Jewish, leaving the majority-Protestant country without a Protestant on the high court.

“It is not just that she was generally lacking in qualifications for the appointment and for pretty much every other job she has ever gotten.

“What was really interesting was how the Jewish media diverted attention from the phenomenon of Jewish power and privilege by raising the specter of White privilege.

“And when I say specter, I really mean ghost, because White privilege for all intents and purposes is dead and gone, as the Elena Kagan nomination ‘controversy’ illustrates.

“When Obama was set to make his second nomination for the Supreme Court, Kagan’s selection was neither a surprise nor ever seriously in doubt. She had already been on the short list of candidates to fill the first vacancy, which eventually went to Sonia Sotomayor.

“There were some voices raised, mostly on the ‘right,’ regarding Kagan’s complete lack of judicial experience and her relative lack of courtroom experience.

“However, the truly interesting objections were raised by observers on the ‘left’ regarding the lack of ‘diversity’ in her recruitment of professors while she was the dean of Harvard Law School.

“The liberal on-line magazine Salon published an article by four law professors from less prestigious schools noting that all but one of the 32 tenure-track professors hired while Kagan was dean were White.

“These professors, two of whom were black, one south Asian, and one with a half-Hispanic hyphenated surname (Luis Fuentes-Rohwer), make seven references to Whites in their 1679-word piece, yet never once use the word ‘Jew.’”

“Non-Jewish Whites likely account for less than half of the appointments made by Kagan.

“However, Non-Jewish Whites make up 70% of the population of the United States. So where is the White privilege? Clearly, non-Jewish Whites were underrepresented among Kagan’s appointments, just as they are underrepresented at Kagan’s new workplace, the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Jews, who make up only 2% of the U.S. population, get at least half of the appointments.

“In other words, their share of Kagan’s hirings was 25 times their share of the U.S. population. But all we heard in the media was that ‘all but one of her appointments was White.’

“This is a good illustration that for many of the most important jobs, fears of Whites being passed over in favor of Blacks benefiting from affirmative action are simply misplaced.

“It is clearly Jewish privilege that is crowding Whites out of these jobs. It may well be that the biggest harm to Whites caused by affirmative action is to distract Whites with a red herring.”

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