How Jewish Supremacist Self-Interest Drives Canadian Immigration Policy

cjiacThe Canadian equivalent of AIPAC, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), has come under attack by individual far-leftist Jews for supporting a refugee reform bill which actively discriminates against immigrants from nations which they describe as “non-democratic”—i.e. mainly Muslim.

The use of the word “democratic” in the legislation, Bill C-31, is the giveaway: it is the word which the Jewish Supremacists always use—quite falsely—to describe the state of Israel, as in the phrase “a Jewish and democratic state.”

By granting power to the Canadian immigration minister to designate countries as “safe” and “democratic” allows a legal loophole to determine, according to their choice, who is a “bogus” refugee versus those who are “genuine.”

The fact that this law goes specifically against Canada’s traditional open doors refugee policy has not gone unnoticed by individual far leftist Jews, but despite their lone criticism, the powerful Jewish Lobby has simply ignored them and pushed ahead with propagating the legislation, because it is clearly now in Jewish interests to stop the influx of anti-Zionist refugees from Arab or Palestinian lands.

Even Hungary, which has of late received coverage in the Jewish Supremacist controlled mass media as an “anti-Semitic” state, has been added to the list of “non-democratic” countries in the bill.

CIJA’s Steve McDonald said that Bill C-31 makes “significant improvements toward protecting the safety and security of Canadians”, as well as “deterring human smuggling and dispensing with unsubstantial refugees fairly and quickly”.

CIJA came into being as Canadian foreign policy, first under the Liberals and now under the Conservatives, became decidedly more pro-Israel versus taking an even-handed stance between Israel and the Palestinians, notes University of Victoria political scientist and professor emeritus, Reg Whitaker.

“The uncritical alignment of the (Stephen) Harper government with the Israeli Right (i.e. Israel’s governing Likud party) has obviously created a much more welcome climate for aggressive AIPAC-style lobbying in Ottawa,” he told Inter Press Service news service.

Whittaker was alluding to the U.S.-based American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which he describes as having a higher profile in Washington than is the case with CIJA in Ottawa.

This is not for lack of trying on the part of CIJA, he added. Whitaker suggested that the powerful donors who decided to merge various organisations, including the century-old Canadian Jewish Congress, to create CIJA wanted a Canadian version of AIPAC to buttress the case for Israel in Canada.

“The effect of the takeover is to subsume the wider and diverse interests of the (Jewish) community, previously served by a variety of institutions and advocacy groups, under an aggressive AIPAC-style umbrella that conflates ‘Jewish’ interests with Israel’s interests – or in fact with the interests of the Israeli Right. The flip side of course is to automatically label any criticism of the Israeli government as anti-Semitic,” he said.