Help Dr. Duke’s Work this Christmas!

Dr. David Duke has become the world’s premier spokesman in the struggle against global Jewish Supremacism—but he needs your help to continue the fight!


He stands at the forefront of the struggle of all people in their desire to be free of domination. He bears the brunt of smears, attacks and harassment without fear, because he knows that he is in this fight for truth, justice and right.

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      Dr. Duke’s website is completely free—but it costs money to host and maintain.

      Dr. Duke’s daily show is completely free—but it costs money to broadcast around the world.

      Dr. Duke’s videos are completely free—but they cost money to manufacture and host.

      Dr. Duke’s writings on this website are free—but it takes time and real effort to produce them.

      Dr. Duke never charges for any of his public appearances—it is all done for the good of the cause.

Dr. Duke can only stay in this fight because of your support.

Please make a contribution today. By giving a gift, you are taking part in this incredible, history-making quest.

Please help Dr. Duke today!

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