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Heartfelt Thanks From David Duke, PhD!

 David Duke at the Smithsonian earlier this year

Heartfelt Thanks from Dr. David Duke

My Dear Friends,

I want to take a moment to thank all the people who have posted congratulations to me and have sent me, it seems, a hard disk full of emails of good wishes.

Thank You All!!!

I do want to say that in some ways I feel I undeserving, I was lucky to work with a great university and brave individuals who dared to raise the ire of the Jewish extremists. At this moment I think of my friend Germar Rudolf who was unjustly denied his doctorate in Germany because of this truth telling. I consider him even more deserving of the title of Doctor along with that great revisionist and incredible scholar Juergen Graf. And I can think of a number of writers, researchers, and philosophers of our Cause that deserve the title as much or more than I do for their intellectual work on behalf of our people.

Furthermore, there are so many without higher degrees that have done brilliant work for our Cause and they continue to deserve our respect and utmost support. One needs not a higher degree to tell the truth!

I would lie if I told you that achieving this PhD from a major university system has not been a source of great satisfaction, especially because the intellectual establishment loves to belittle my writing and speaking. So, yes, it feels great!

But the most important thing about the PhD in history for me is that in the minds of many readers it will add just a little bit of authority and power to everything I write. It will open up new doors of thought for many people. Furthermore it makes those attempts to stop me from speaking or writing or publishing that much more ludicrous for our enemies. Suddenly, policies to ban and burn my books, such as in Canada, become even more transparently repressive.

All this is why the Jewish supremacists are screaming bloody murder at this achievement. They just can’t believe it for they know it cannot but help increase my credibility and thus the credibility of the message that I (we) carry to our people.

The University left no stone unturned in holding me to as high and perhaps even a higher standard than many of their Doctoral candidates because they knew that the Zionists and Neocons would excoriate them. They brought together some of the most respected Professors in Ukraine to examine my work and to challenge me in my Doctoral defense. Twelve men and women professors, at the pinnacle of their Academic careers, ultimately decreed my work of serious and significant scientific value.

They too know that they personally will face the malevolent power of the Jewish extremists. The courageous President of MAUP, Georgy Schokin knows it as well, but he stands as a rock of integrity and courage.

They have my undying gratitude for their intellectual courage and altruism.

Finally, I thank all of you, because only by your encouragement over the years in the face of the most extraordinary hardship and difficulties, could I have been successful in this endeavor.

I try to earn that trust and support everyday, and I am very anxious that all of you will continue to be pleased an inspired by my efforts both in my writing and speaking for our Cause.

I hope all members of EURO, all my friends and comrades on, and my fellow leaders in all of the Movements for our heritage and freedom will share this accomplishment with me. You deserve the incredible support of all of us.

Thank You All,

For Our Heritage and Freedom!

David Duke