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Hear Dr. David Duke on the Jewish Hate War against Christmas

Now available on the Rense Radio network: Dr. David Duke will startle and shock you today with documented proof of a massive Jewish hate campaign and war on Christmas and Christmas traditions in the Western World.


He quotes directly from Jewish sources and has such a powerful and logical presentation that anyone with simply a smidgen of open-mindedness will have an awakening to the reality of the Jewish-dominated society in which we live.

He points out the banning of Christian symbols at Christmas, while Jewish symbols representing Jewish massacres of their enemies are erected on public land are erected in the USA and around the world.

He shows how the media is completely controlled, because it does not expose the denial of rights to the 98 percent non-Jewish population to honor its traditions while the 2 percent of the population are given supremacy in their right to celebrate their own ethnic purity and power!

He also has a deep discussion with Dr. Patrick Slattery on the nature of the conspiracy that Alex Jones always talks about, how Alex Jones talks about some conspiracy of money when it is at heart a powerful globalism with a racial-supremacist core.

Dr. Duke shows how the Gentiles involved are actually servants who have their power dependent on their subservience to Zionist power, as although the world banking and media establishment supports open borders for America and Europe, it steadfastly supports the racist, terrorist, ethnic cleansing genocidal state of Israel. Why? Because any members of the establishment know that if they dare oppose Jewish supremacy they will be economically destroyed and media demonized.

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