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Hear Dr. David Duke on Human Rights and Nonviolence as the Moral & Effective Path to Freedom

Listen to Dr. David Duke’s latest radio show, now on archive, in which he talks about human rights and why he has always condemned violence.


First, Dr. Duke discusses the impact of modern movies, social breakdown and problems and other issues which cause violence in society. This ranges from gore in the cinema, substance abuse, modern electronic games and other examples. Any of these things could easily provoke any person who might be mentally on the edge into doing something which would have been unthinkable a few decades ago.

He shares with the audience one of his many writings on the subject called “Dr. David Duke: Who I Am and What I Really Believe,” which explains why human rights and nonviolence are  the only truly moral way to true human freedom, and that immorally or violently is totally counterproductive to the goals of any cause for true freedom.

Dr. Duke goes on to explain why, in spite of the massive Zio-Supremacist murder and ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, responding to that immorality with random, blind violence is just as immoral. In a Zionist dominated media, it will result only in the very opposite of which the perpetrator would hope.

He shares a letter with a lady, Janet William, who writes about how the media version of Dr. Duke is absolutely opposite of his actual written and spoken words on these subjects.

Dr. Patrick Slattery then joins the show, and provides a fascinating discussion around the reality that American taxpayers give Israel billions of dollars to buy long-range military aircraft–and that to a state which has huge stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons! One more demonstration of the hypocrisy of both the media and political establishment which is under Zionist domination.

Great program and certainly one to share!

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