Have the American people finally reached their breaking point?

Breaking Point

By Ted Lang

Not sure the sneering, nasty old geezer heard her
correctly, she repeated, “You don’t care what the
American people think?” “No,” Cheney replied.

What will it take to really enrage the American people to the breaking point? Is it the comments made by that sneering, nasty old geezer with the pacemaker’s reply “So?” to ABC’s Martha Raddatz after telling him that only two thirds of the American people oppose the illegal invasion and war in Iraq? The truth is that it is more like 75 percent of the American people who want the war ended and believe, along with truly professional high-level military strategists and personnel, that the war is a horrific mistake and America’s most incompetent military misadventure. It has lasted longer than World War II!

Not sure the sneering, nasty old geezer heard her correctly, she repeated, “You don’t care what the American people think?” “No,” Cheney replied.

Now consider this response and his monarchial attitude when applied against the history of governments, monarchies, revolutions and war. Consider the response to that usually ascribed to Marie Antoinette before she was guillotined: “Let them eat cake!” Or how about multi-zillionaire William Vanderbilt’s outrage directed at a reporter: “The public be damned!” Or French King Louis XIV and Charles de Gaulle’s, “I am the state!”

Cheney’s response, at a time when it is now known that it was his sole initiative to invade Iraq, which is now destroying our economy, has killed almost 1.2 million innocent, defenseless, Iraqi civilians in order to bring them “democracy” by bombing the shit out of them, and has probably killed somewhere between 15,000 to 20,000 in our American military, is typical of the mindlessness, heartlessness, and downright treason of one of humanity’s cruelest tyrants. This monster has killed more human beings than Abraham Lincoln!

Where did I come up with the 15,000 to 20,000 fatalities? I made it up! What choice does one have when Bush has banned all the press from establishing an accurate count and reporting these numbers independent of accounts from American government’s trained official liars? If a wounded soldier is in a chopper and on the way to a medical facility and dies in the air, he or she is simply not counted as having been KIA! Don’t tell me someone out there still believes anything these mass-murdering criminals tell US! And as the President of Vice, who has absolutely no constitutional authority to rule over either Bush or the American people, has also proclaimed, via his own rhetoric and that of his neocon-communist butchers, Iran is the NEXT target!

What about the National Intelligence Estimate from 16 American intelligence and CIA agencies that have offered irrefutable evidence that Iran NO LONGER HAS A NUCLEAR PROGRAM??? Well, as far as Cheney and his neocon-communist butchers are concerned, that intelligence, just as pointed out by the Downing Street Memo The New York Times has yet to learn about, isn’t worthy because it doesn’t fit this criminal regime’s policy objectives. Cheney-Bush are relying solely on “intelligence” provided by Israel!

But if the American people don’t care about the blood on their hands in allowing the neocon-communist butchers to get away with the mass-murders of 1.2 million Iraqis, then what about the prices at the gas pump? Y’all okay with that? Bushco and his Big Oil cronies, while getting away with the planned havoc his Big Gun cronies have orchestrated in the Middle East, are making US pay for even that magnificent profiteering by blaming Arabs and Muslims for lousing up the flow of oil to America. $Chi-ching – $Chi-ching! Real neat policy stuff, no?

And what about all those illegal non-bid government contracts with Security-KBR-Us? Huh? Where are the concentration camps located that they are building for US? Anybody out there know? Anybody out there care?

And since food has to get from farms and industrial producers and purveyors in trucks, trucks that buy expensive diesel and gasoline, food prices are going up too! And that’s okay too?! I got it! Why don’t we throw some more fuel on our flaming economy? How about some of Algore’s “global warming” fraud so that we can save Earth by banning trucks and replacing them with rickshaws and bicycles? Hmmmm! Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea after all. If we can get Bush on a bike more often, maybe the next time he falls it will keep him away from the football for a spell. But what do we do about the real emperor, the President of Vice and genocide?

Demonstrations are starting. One group, albeit a tiny one, went directly to the source of the problem: the IRS. The latter criminals have been in operation for years, brought into being and “legitimized” in this country’s government by Zionist-communists and an imbecile with a PhD in the White House. They steal our money directly out of our pay checks, legitimized by another communist in the White House to finance yet another war we didn’t need and didn’t have to be involved in, and reserve for themselves the right to violate the Fifth Amendment which precludes our gathering evidence against ourselves so they can fine and incarcerate US for non-payment of war and lobbying tribute.

The IRS not only steals our money to fund illegal wars; it fills barges with our money and sends it to Israel, and that dangerous, nuclear armed mass-murdering lunatic nation sends a lot of our stolen money right back and gives it to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Then AIPAC stuffs our cash into the pockets of Democratic Party traitors, Pelosi, Reid, Waxman, Conyers, Leahy, Schumer, and the rest of these “liberal, progressive” panty wetters. At this point, we all know Cheney-Bush and their neocon-communist butchers are mad; they are no longer the issue. It is the treasonous non-action of Democrats in Congress that now must take FULL BLAME for both Iraq, and soon, for IRAN as well!

The Cheney-Bush crime machine is now testing US! They want war with Iran! How much can they steal at the gas pumps, at the supermarkets, and through the Zionist bankers “global warming” scam? How many demonstrators can be harassed by Cheney-Bush’s crime machine? How many times can the riot police Gestapo drag off law abiding people who are peacefully demonstrating? Conspiring “minds” want to know?!

Oh, oh! Demonstrations are happening? When will peaceful resistors start turning en masse on the coppers? Quick, call the Supreme Court! We need immediate and total gun control and confiscation and erasure of the Second Amendment! None rise!