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Dr. Duke’s statement on Tulsi Gabbard’s appearance in the Democratic Debate

Dr. Duke’s statement on Tulsi Gabbard’s appearance in the Democratic Debate

The New York Times launched a vicious attack on Tulsi Gabbard because she dared to be a voice for peace rather than for endless was for Israel and Zionist Globalists that control our media and politics.

The New York Times is owned by only eight people who have 90% of the controlling stock of the corporation. They are Daniel Cohen, James Cohen, Lynn Dolnick, Susan Dreyfus, Michael Golden, Eric M. Lax, Arthur Sulzberger, Kathy Sulzberger. All of them are Jewish Zionists. All of them are members and supporters of fanatically pro-Israel, Jewish partisan organizations.

The Zio New York Times staff and leading pundits are warmongers and advocates for any and every war that serves the interests of Israel, or of Jews globally.

The New York Times has been on the wrong side of every war in the last few decades, whether it is the Saudi-ISIS-al Qaeda invasion of Syria, or the 5 trillion dollar war paid for by American suckers and patsies in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

It was Jewish pundits and reporters at the New York Times and other Jewish run publications such as the Washington Post that inspired the sending tens of thousands of American boys to war and maiming and death for their giant lie. In the Iraq war, it was the lie of Saddam’s quote weapons of mass destruction. However, while promoting the war against Saddam Hussein’s mythological weapons of mass destruction, Israel violated the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties aims as well as American and world opposition to Israel’s development of chemical, biological, and yes, even nuclear weapons!

The Zionist New York Times, while always presenting itself as guardians of peace and a bulwark against “racism,” was actually the biggest warmongering publication on planet Earth. Not only did the NY Times support America’s entry into the insanity of the First World War and Second World War, which took a combined 100 million lives, it nurtured the birth and rise of both Communism and Zionism.

The New York Times also was the biggest cheerleader of the rise of Bolshevism in Russia and all over the world, which by itself took 100 million lives of its enslaved peoples.

The New York Times still honors Communism’s two Jewish founders, Moses Hess and Karl Marx. Just a bit more than year ago the New York Times celebrated the Birthday of the ideology that destroyed more human lives than any political doctrine in all of history combined. The New York Times headline read: “Happy Birthday Karl Marx, You Were Right.”

An honest, non-Judeo-centric headline would have read: “Thanks Karl Marx for giving the world an ideology which has caused more human death, torture, suffering, and oppression than all others combined.”

No publication on Earth did more to advance Israel, the most obviously racial supremacist regime on planet Earth: Israel.

The twin peaks of the New York Times since its earliest editions, has been promoting Zionism and Communism and any war as well as any human horror and oppression that served the two causes that Jews proudly championed.

The New York Times screeched for prosecution of German war criminals who were routinely tortured in trials without a scintilla of objectivity. While those trials proceeded in all their shrill hate and unending publicity, the Zionist New York Times tirelessly praised the “heroic” founding of the Israeli ethno supremacist state.

The New York Times always views as heroic the Jewish murder, and ethnic cleansing of 600,000 Palestinians from their own homes and land — because they were the wrong race. Ethnic genocide by Zionists is a noble endeavor, of course.

Even the idea of charging Israel for its war crimes, is nothing more than “antisemitism,” according to the Times!

Of course, the New York Times never demanded any prosecution for human rights crimes for the 30 million murdered by the Jewish led Soviets, and there was no Jewish Hollywood TV series for the Palestinians called the Nakba.

It’s “Never Forget” for victims of the Holocaust, but never remember for the 7 to 11 million Christian victims, and never an ounce of approbation for the proud Jewish murderers in Ukraine such as Yagoda and Kaganovich. The Holocaust® has been the subject of 80,000 articles the New York Times, while the paper has had only 24 articles on the far more horrific numbers of murdered Christian victims called the Holodomor.