Extremist Jews Blame Christians for Palestinian Political Victories

A new outbreak of anti-Christian “price tag” attacks in Israel appears to be the latest extremist Jewish reaction to the series of political setbacks the Zionist state has suffered over the past few weeks.

According to the Israeli Ynet News service, the latest “price tag” (the name given by Zionist extremists who occupy Palestinian territory to attacks in retaliation for setbacks they might suffer), a Christian monastery in Jerusalem has been vandalized for the second time with spray-painted slogans such as “Jesus is a son of a b****h” while a vehicle near the village of Ramallah was torched.

The tires of three vehicles parked nearby were punctured and one car was found with a graffiti reading “Happy Hanukkah, triumph for the Maccabees.”

“Price tag” graffiti was found nearby to the torched car as well.

The attack was the second on the monastery. “It saddens me deeply,” said Father Claudio. “I believe in Jesus and some don’t, it’s their problem.”

The attacks are part of an ongoing Zionist reaction to the diplomatic defeats suffered by the supremacists at the United Nations (where resolutions were passed granting the Palestinians non-member status and calling for Israel to open its nuclear weapons program to international inspection).

Other steps that the Zionists have taken include the withholding of tax revenues from the Palestinian administration.

That move was announced by Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman specifically in response to the Palestinians’ successful bid for upgraded status at the UN.

Israel announced that it would withhold some NIS 450 million in tax revenues from the PA as a punitive measure against the Palestinians being granted nonmember state status at the UN.

Israel claims Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas violated previous peace accords by appealing to the UN General Assembly without coordinating his actions with the Israeli government.

“Israel is not prepared to accept unilateral steps by the Palestinian side, and anyone who thinks they will achieve concessions and gains this way is wrong,” Liberman said, according to Reuters.

“The Palestinians can forget about getting even one cent in the coming four months; in four months’ time we will decide how to proceed.”

About NIS 400 million in taxes and customs duties are collected by Israel on behalf of the Palestinians every month. The monthly transfers are used to pay salaries to the Palestinian Authority’s civil servants and security forces members.

Israel has already frozen payments to the PA in the past. The last time it took this step was when the UN cultural body UNESCO granted the Palestinians full membership a year ago. Following heavy criticism by the European Union, Israel eventually ended up releasing the funds.

After the UN vote on November 29, Israel said it would authorize the construction of 3,000 new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the sensitive E1 area between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim.