Everything is Always Measured by “Is it Good for the Jews?”

beppe-grillo.-satiraThe complete control which Jewish Supremacists exercise over Western society means that everything that happens is always measured by the maxim “Is it good for the Jews?”or not.

In this manner, even the recent election success of an anti-establishment comedian in Italy has sparked off the inevitable question in Jewish circles—what does comic Beppe Grillo’s success actually mean, and is he anti-Semitic?

Most ordinary people—and that excludes Jewish Supremacists, for they are anything but ordinary—would not really give a second thought to Grillo’s election success (where he won a quarter of the votes in last month’s elections) except as indicating a widespread dissatisfaction among Italian voters with mainstream parties and an uneasiness over the ever-looming Euro and financial crisis.

But no, for Jewish Supremacists, everything always revolves around what it means for Jews. An article in the mainstream Israeli news service, Ynet News, has announced that “Now that he’s one of Italy’s most powerful figures, Comic Beppe Grillo’s history of anti-Semitic statements starts to raise concern outside country.”

And what exactly is this “history of anti-Semitic statements” of which the Jewish Supremacist media has now accused Grillo?

According to Ynet News, “observers” (and there are no prizes for guessing the “religion” of those “observers”) have “expressed alarm over comments Grillo has made about a Jewish lobby controlling information, about Jewish Hollywood producers out to get actor Mel Gibson and about how he finds Israel ‘frightening.’”

Iin an interview with Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronot, Grillo claimed that a Jewish lobby controls all the information Europeans learn about Israel and the Palestinian territories.

In 2006, on his blog, Grillo talked about Gibon’s arrest for drunken driving in this way:

“The Hollywood producers of Jewish origin and even the others if there are any,” Grillo wrote, were threatening Gibson’s career. If the actor “had said …’Israel could cause the outbreak of the Third World War’ perhaps they would have reopened Alcatraz just for him and then thrown away the keys,” he added.

“Israel is frightening. Its behavior is irresponsible. There! I’ve said it! And I’m not even drunk.”

Anyone who dares to point out that Jewish Supremacist media censor news and information—especially about themselves—and who correctly points out that Jewish Supremacists control Hollywood, or, unholy of unholys, dares to point out that the criminal and crazed rogue nuclear Zionist state is the biggest threat to world peace, must indeed be “anti-Semitic”—at least in the eyes of the Jewish Supremacists.

Yet all Grillo has done is tell the truth. But, it seems, that given the distortions which Jewish Supremacists have introduced into the modern world, the truth has also now become “anti-Semitic.”

But is it good for the Jews?