European Patriots March Against Mass Immigration and Remember Swedish Martyr Daniel Wretström R.I.P.

Photo from the annual memorial march for Daniel Wrestrom in Salem, Sweden 12-06-2008.Unfortunately there is only one report in English covering the Daniel Wretström memorial march in Sweden last weekend, a major event, and it is a badly biased one: Police detain 470 at demonstration. Finnish patriot and assylum seeker Henrik Holappa wrote an excellent report in English posted below that covered last year’s march for Daniel, whom 14 non-whites beat to death, also slitting his throat, when he was only 16. Daniel’s crime was being a member of a White-pride music group. The non-white throat-slitter got off with a few years in a comfortable psychiatric clinic while the others got off with $300 fines. Henrik was recently interviewed about this outrage on John de Nugent’s radio program, you can listen to his segment here: Download MP3, Henrik also includes links to websites in his article that cover the 2008 march in Swedish — admin

2,000 Remember White murder victim Daniel Wretström


By Henrik Holappa

For most people involved in the white nationist movement in northern Europe Daniel Wretström’s name raises many thoughts and feelings. Daniel Wretström was a young Swedish Nationalist boy who was a victim of brutal assault and murder at the evening of the 9th of December 2000. Those who attacked and killed him were a group of criminal foreigners, who basically got away with Wretström’s brutal murder. The main suspect and the principal accusee of the first-degree murder of Wretström, one Khaled Odeh, who slit Wretström’s throat, was sentenced to a psychiatric clinic. Odeh was pronounced “mentally ill” and so he was not held responsible for Wretström’s death. Of course, Odeh knew all the time that his ultra-violent assault could lead to someone’s death. Odeh also knew what would happen if he slit the throat of a living man! Odeh had whipped himself into a rage against the “evil racist” and decided to kill him, and Odeh knowingly killed Daniel Wretström. Daniel Wretström’s life ended in a long, slow nightmare of brutality back then in Salem near Stockholm, seven years ago.
Daniel Wretström R.I.P. Photo: Odeh broke off the knife in the 16-year-old’s throat.

In Sweden Daniel Wretström has, because of white nationists’ hard work and sacrifice, become a powerful symbol of multicultural violence. He was a young man who had a whole life before him, but instead he fell victim to a bestial attack. After this sorrowful tragedy Swedish racial patriots and Daniel Wretström’s relatives decided to organize an annual memorial event (the first in 2001) in their loved one’s memory in the Salem district near Stockholm’s downtown. The march always starts from the train station of Rönninge and goes to Daniel Wretström’s final resting place; it was near his own home that he was killed.

Naturally the commemorative event has occasioned outrage in the controlled media as well in the bureaucracy and in the political scenes from the extreme leftists to the social democrats. The controlled media’s information concerning the march, of which more below, has been very combative and slanderous against the white nationist organizers. It is ironic that the controlled mass-media accuses the Swedish patriots and nationists organizing the event of “violence” and “inciting racial hatred,” because the march and commemoration have always proceeded very peacefully.

Actually, the nationist march is not only against multicultural violence, but against all crime and street violence. The Swedes, other Scandinavians and other Europeans who gather in Salem oppose murder – but the “politically correct” crowd and the extreme leftists go there to defend murder and to incite violence against all who do not share their views.
Preston Wiginton from Texas Photo: Preston Wiginton from Texas spoke at the memorial to show that American white people feel for our white brothers and sisters worldwide. He also speaks in Russia, as the Jewsmedia have noted, and in other white nations at rallies defending our white tribe which is endangered worldwide.

This year’s Salem march was organized on the 8th of December. Already long before the march the local media in Stockholm were slandering the event as “the biggest extreme-rightist meeting in Sweden, and it is ruining the reputation of Salem.” The media also advocate that the peaceful commemorative march be banned. Actually, the march was still forbidden just one day beforehand but the Supreme Court, in Stockholm, gave permission to organize the demonstration. The violent extreme leftists decided to stop the “Nazi march” with the blessings of the mass media and the political ruling caste.

The Salem march, 8th of December 2007

The day started to get dark and the nationalists began gathering at the Röningen train station, where the police special forces with their full ‘combat equipment’ were expecting them. All who emerged from the trains were security checked by several police officers. What was surprising was that the Swedish policemen (unlike those in Germany) behaved very well and they were almost polite and understanding toward the nationists. I believe that years of experience have taught to the police who really always come to cause problems and behave violently and who come there to remember the murder victim and march calmly for his honor and memory.

With support from the political elite and the controlled mass media, 50 young members of a violent antifascist group were organizing problems and planning to stop the march in the local neighborhoods and woods. A police helicopter was patrolling in the air and showing with searchlights the hiding places of the antifascists. Because of this, the march was not on schedule and could not start at 4 p.m. but was about 2 hours late. The antifascists running in the woods and neighborhoods were being caught by the police.

Finally the march began with four long files, all bearing torches that shed a beautiful light in the dark.
Salem March 2007

Several people gathered on the streets, some “reporters” for the antifascist papers taking photos and filming marchers. There were also a few dozen dressed in yellow from so-called “anti-racist” ( = anti-white) organizations, carrying signs Mot Nazism [“Against Nazism”]. The march also attracted curious people not involved in any movement.

The antifascists assembled about three hundred feet from us; they tried to throw stones and screamed “Nazis, Nazis, Nazis!” When the march came closer to the place where Daniel Wretström was murderd by a mob the antifascists yelled insults against Daniel Wretström and praised his murder! The antifascists were provoking us with “Nazis, come here!”

No marcher fell for the provocations, no one yelled anything back, and the march proceeded very well, as the nationists had planned.

The big tree of life rune symbol had already been taken to the place where Daniel Wretström was murdered. The wooden rune symbol was decorated with flowers, candles and garlands. Several hundred nationists gathered to remember Daniel Wretström on that road side where he was killed and left to die alone in the cold night.
Salem March 2007

After the march music and speeches began. “Saga,” a well-known Swedish woman active in white nationism, sang beautifully, as did other Swedish nationist singers. Guests came from the United States and Germany to remind us how important it is to stick together in the struggle against multiculturalism and to preserve our heritage. Many important Swedish nationalist organizations, such as the National Socialist Front (NSF ) participated as well, although they were not co-organizers.

The Salem march is attracting more and more nationists outside of Sweden every year. Among the Swedes marching for Wretström there were also Finns, Norwegians, Danes, Germans and Russians. According to my estimation about 2,000 nationists participated in the Salem march. It was one of the most remarkable events of the whole year for me.

At the end of the event at 8:30 p.m. the organizers suggested the marchers leave the march area in the groups of 40 in case antifascists had organized themselves along route back. The antifascists often attack lone marchers. This time there were no antifascists and the police supervised leaving the area; they had organized a few extra buses and extra train transport. In no part of the march did nationists encounter extreme leftists or any violent outbursts either before or during the march.

After the march

In general the controlled mass-media never writes anything positive about the Salem march. Usually the lie from the media has been like this: “Only ten people took part in the Salem march — who smashed thousands of cars, assaulted hundreds of people and constantly yelled Nazi chants.” I can assure you nothing like this happened during the march – not by white nationists.

The newspapers never scrimp on headline ink when reporting on our march – the “neo-Nazi march” that “caused a violent outburst” or the “Riot at the neo-Nazi march in Sweden.” These headlines always imply that the “neo-Nazis” were rioting during the march, throwing bottles, stones and even trying to burn the schools. Nowhere in these articles do they mention the extreme leftists and anti-racists – they only want “peace in society.”

The Jewish-owned Finnish TV STT made the following twisted report:

“Almost 2,000 people took part in the clash at the neo-Nazi demonstration. The rioters set fire to two school buildings and threw rocks at police officers.” (December 12, 2007 STT)

As we all know WE held no “demonstration” at all, but instead a perfectly peaceful march and memorial service with music for a poor white murder victim.


Daniel’s sister recited lyrics form Daniel’s favorite song, which is in English, “Road to Valhalla”:

There is a road and it leads to Valhalla
Where only the chosen are allowed
There is a boy, with a dream of Valhalla
A place in the land of the Gods

Photo: A comrade remembers Daniel and his horrible death, 14 against one.

The news report does not tell WHO set fire to the school buildings. Are they trying to hint that the “neo-Nazis” set two schools in flames or what exactly do they intend to say with this wording? The controlled media are gladly to repeat the mantra “neo-Nazi” but the political opponent, the violent extreme left, is rarely even mentioned.

Another news source reported that, in the woods near Salem, the police found several weapons hidden by the antifascists including several metal pipes, explosives and fire bombs. Now THAT should be the occasion for some commentary! But the controlled media never bashes the extreme leftists because their terror supports the same “one-world” agenda.

And so we read headlines like “The neo-Nazi demonstration in Salem turned violent “ But WHO was violent? THEIR people were violent. They churn out deliberately misleading information, pure and simple.


All in all, this year’s Salem march was very successful. The Swedish organizers had prepared this annual event very professionally and they were very experienced. Many thanks to the Swedish organizers! This march will continue to grow in appeal in coming years, so of course the leftist dictatorship wants to forbid us remembering young Daniel Wretström; they lie that WE “spread hate” and WE create “public disorder.”

Daniel Wretström was a young man who suffered a terrible fate. He made the ultimate sacrifice — his life – and it shall always been remembered. In my own Finland multicultural violence is a rising trend in our bigger cities and multiculturalism has killed even here in law-abiding Finland.

Photo: A white comrade tells the 2,000 marchers that a righteous wrath must energize us.

I would gladly see more Finns make the long trip over to Stockholm, Sweden for the march and the Finns are very welcome for the Swedish organizers. I hope this article will raise more interest among all our white brothers and sisters everywhere in the world so that next year we have thousands more remembering Daniel. They all should think about our own cruel fate and even death if every white nation is submerged in a tidal wave of non-whites, Third Worlders taught by the left to feel racist hatred for us, the white peoples who let them in to enjoy our rich, law-abiding, white societies and then hate and kill us.



In the words of the Salem march leaders in 2007:


I suggest readers visit the following two Internet pages:

1) Info14.com

(The website, in Swedish of course, is very impressive and see especially — at almost the very bottom of this page by clicking on the video at the triangular “play” icon — the 15-minute video called “Filmreportage från Salem 2007.” It starts with footage of how the white nationists distribute invitations to the public to the event and then very good march footage, followed by music and heartfelt speeches that will truly move you, even without understanding the specific Swedish words our brethren are speaking to the world. )

2) salemfonden.info











Slogan: “Nothing has changed. All (everyone) to Salem!”