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Duke & Striker Totally Expose the Jewish Deep State “Jew d’état Against Trump!

Duke & Striker Totally Expose the Jewish Deep State “Jew d’état Against Trump!


Today Dr. Duke and Daily Stormer journalist Eric Striker (who also does a great podcast, Strike and Mike, with Mike Enoch), deconstructed the whole “Trump colluded with the Russians” hoax. Eric Striker stated eloquently the point that Dr. Duke has been making for the past year, namely that the Russia hoax is part of a Jewish coup d’état against President Trump (a Jew d’état, so to speak).

Dr. Duke presented the names of powerful Jews engaged in this endevor, from Adam Schiff, Schumer, Feinstein in Congress; Jake Tapper at CNN, Chris Wallace at Fox, and the rest of the media; Rosenstein and Horowitz in the Justice Department and the Jewish Deep State, the Jewish Judiciary, William Kristol and the Jewish think tanks, etc., etc.

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