Duke & Slattery – Who is Responsible for this War: Americans – Russians – Ukrainians or Dare we Say it: Jews?
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Duke & Slattery – Who is Responsible for this War: Americans – Russians – Ukrainians or Dare we Say it: Jews?

July 18 – Mon – Duke & Slattery – Who is Responsible for this War: Americans – Russians – Ukrainians or Dare we Say it: Jews?

July 18 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The 4-letter disparaging words F–k & S–t now pervades media, social media, but one 4-letter word (Jews) used negatively is totally banned – Why?

July 15 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett of UK – Biden in Israel Admits He is a Zionist (Jewish Nationalist Supremacist)! 

July 14 – Thur – Dr Duke & Stevenson – Millions more vile Homosexual Crimes Spread as Jewish pro Homo lies – brazens Homos and destroys young boys! 

July 12 – Tue – Dr Duke – How the Jewish Establishment Enables Homosexual Rape of Millions of young Boys!

July 11 – Mon – Duke/Slattery – Japan Killing of Abe & Understanding the Jewish Global Media Control of the Definitions of Fascist-Communist-Racist & even Sexual Reality!

July 8 2022 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – ZioWarmonger Traitor Boris Johnson Self-Destructs & The Sad History of Jewish Tyranny in UK!

The Legendary British rock group The Who said it all in 1971 in its classic song, “We Won’t be fooled again.” Later Roger Waters became one of the most courageous critics of Zionist crimes in Israel and the wars the Zionists have launched for Israel! Here is the first stanza of the song, Dr Duke quotes in this interview with Mark Collett that says it all in today’s World.

We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song..,

Meet the New Boss Same as the Old Boss!

July 7 2022 – Thur – Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – Boris Johnson & How Jewish Influence Permeates Every Nation in Media, Banking & Politics!

Dr. Duke and Paul Stevenson expose why so many Jews and Part-Jew heads of state destroy their nations in service to Jewish global interests. Boris Johnson is a powerful example of why that phenomena exists.


July 6 2022 – Wed – The Obscene Fat Queer Black Canary in the Mine of the Jewish Toxic Culture Ruling Jewmerica!

Dr. Duke and Slattery on the toxic disgusting culture of Jewmerica today & Why you should be on guard for Jewish war propaganda that Putin is actually our enemy and that resistance is hopeless because “Jews control everything!” They don’t! and thankfully they make mistakes and are losing on a number of fronts in their war upon the goyim!


July 5 2022 – Tue – Dr Duke Post July 4th Solo Show: A 100 year old Decorated Vet Cries for Loss of America & Jewish Lies about Putin!

Dr. Duke does an amazing solo show displaying his wide range of experiences and knowledge to understand what is really going on under Jewish World Supremacy! 

July 1 2022 – Wed – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Special Duke Birthday Show!

Dr. Duke shares a lot of wisdom today from the lessons he has learned from his long and accomplished life. He talks about a true recognition of the world as it really is rather than the fabricated world presented by the Jewish Media and political slaves!

June 30 – Thur – Dr Duke & Mark Dankof: Scott Ritter is Right on Russia but Delusional on “Nazi” Ukraine!

June 29 – Wed – Dr Duke – Exposing the Jewish Epstein Mossad Spy Ring & Joe Biden Exposed as a Demented, Jewish-Puppet Traitor!

June 28- Tue – Dr Duke Exposes the real Insurrection & Jewish Takeover of the USA in Politics, Media & Finance!

June 27 – Mon -Dr Duke & Patrick Slattery – Exposing the Historic Jewish War Against Russia & Yes, Ukraine as Well !

Dr. Duke recounts his first political trip to Russia in 1995 and historic meeting with the head of the largest party in Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a meeting covered all over the world. in which Zhirinovsky promised to help free a Louisiana Christian Missionary on a currency charge in Russia because of his respect for David Duke the Anti-Globalist pro nationalist activism of David Duke. And we learn about the way that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn began a collaboration with Dr Duke that contributed to Solzhenitsyn’s book on the Centuries old Jewish War against Russia outlined in Solzhenitsyn’s now repressed book Two Hundred Years Together.
This show offers deep understanding of Jewish hatred and exploitation of Russia leading to first, the Jewish Bolshevik takeover, and then later in response to Russians freeing their nation from Jewish Communism.
Jewish retaking of Russian power in the Yeltsin years, and then the saga of Putin going against the key Jewish oligarchs and earning the hatred of Jewish power brokers in Government and media worldwide leading to the Jewish unprovoked war on both Russia and Ukraine in the Jewish takeover of Ukraine, but the Jewish-controlled United States and Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine.
Ultimately leading to the tragic Ukraine War a war started by the Jewish Globalists against both the Ukrainian people and ultimately the Russian people as well!

June 24  – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Covid Vaxx – Bye-bye 25 Percent of your Sperm! UK Military Boss Says Get Ready for WW3!


June 23  – Thur – Dr. Duke & Paul Stevenson – The Who! Don’t Be Fooled Again! Meet the New Jewish Boss – Same as the Old Jewish Boss of War &

In this fascinating show Dr. Duke outlines the almost identical beginning of the Second World when President Roosevelt under the Jewish influence of Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, Col House, Felix Frankfurter, Brandeis and Jews who owned the Washington Post, NY Times and almost all of radio broadcasting to help bring about the greatest disaster ever to befall humanity, the Second World, which was provoked by Globalist Jews because of their hate for Germany, similar to the Jewish global supremacy that created the tragic unnecessary Ukraine War because of longstanding Jewish Hate of Russia and Russian People.
The war in Ukraine was provoked intentionally by the Global Zionist Elite that controls the key levers of the U.S. Government, Global Media and Global Banking who are fighting a proxy war against their ethnic Russian enemies with the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Ukraines and the risk of a new World War III.

June 22  – Wed – Dr Duke (Solo) Deconstructs Prof. John Mearsheimer Speech on What he Calls the “Israeli Lobby”

June 21  – Tue – Duke and Slattery – Solstice: Day of Sun & Light! May Our Message of Truth & Renewal Rise with the Sun!

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