Don Black: My opinion on the David Duke Case

Don Black, My Opinion on the David Duke Case
David Duke Releases IRS Audit Letter

David Duke has released his tax audit letter he received in 2003 while in the American Gulag in Big Spring, Tx.

David Duke was charged with tax and mail fraud in early 2003, a few months after he had become a leading spokesman against the upcoming war against Iraq. Newsweek magazine in its Periscope Section  (Nov. 23 2002) revealed the State Department had threatened media outlets around the world not to interview former Representative Duke who was presenting the case that war against Saddam Hussein was motivated entirely by Israel and the Zionist control of American foreign policy.

Before the war Duke said that there were no weapons of mass destruction, no aiding of al Qaeda, and no reason to go against Iraq other than fulfilling Israel’s agenda. He would have been faced with a mostly Black jury in the New Orleans, a district where almost half the Federal Judges were Jewish, and where the trial would be reported to the world by a biased Zionist, NY owned newspaper, the Times-Picayune.

On the good advice of his attorney, he reluctantly agreed to a accept a plea, rather running the risk of spending the rest of his life behind bars and being of no service to the Cause for many years.

At sentencing, the Judge had IRS representatives present and ordered them to complete an audit to determine the exact amount David Duke actually owed the government after filing a “false tax return.” The high level IRS audit revealed six months later that Duke had actually overpaid the IRS by 6,406.06 in that year!

By reducing his tax liability, the audit also revealed that David Duke had a very modest income from his supporters. Don Black said, “The official tax audit from the court showed that David Duke received a very modest income from a huge amount of work for our Cause. Not only does it show that he was not guilty of the crime of trying to defraud the government in taxes, but that his income was so small, that allegations of wasting supporters money are equally false.

Few patriots ever got so much work and effectiveness from their contributions as they have received from David Duke.” The IRS  tax audit actually reveals a man who received little personal income from his supporters, and who lived and lives quite frugally for his beliefs.

The man who authorized the prosecution of David Duke was the then head of Criminal Prosecution in the Justice Department, Michael Chertoff. He later became head of Homeland Security. David Duke also exposed the fact that this radical Zionist had close ties with Magdy Elamir, the man who is believed to be the one who financed the 911 attacks.

duke tax refund and letterHere is a copy of the actual letter from the IRS that David Duke received while he was still in the Federal Gulag. It was sent after the audit ordered in this case for the tax year for which he was charged:1998.

It also shows the refund check he received after the 1998 overpayment credit was applied to some small amounts he owed in later years. It is dated August 11, 2003, six months after the judge-ordered IRS audit.

It shows that far from defrauding the government he had actually overpaid his taxes by $6406.08 in the year he was charged with filing a false tax return.

When he received the letter, he joked with his comrades in the Gulag, “Well, now I know why I am here, anyone who would overpay this rapacious, evil  federal government $6000 should be in prison!”