Duke and Collett – The Covid Lies and Coverup & More on the Jewish Lies on Fascism
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Duke and Collett – The Covid Lies and Coverup & More on the Jewish Lies on Fascism

Dec 9 – Fri – Duke and Collett – The Covid Lies and Coverup & More on the Jewish Lies on Fascism

The one overwhelming truth that the Jewish elite must suppress!

Dec 7 – Wed – Tucker Exposes Jew after Jew But knows he can’t Dare Name the Elephant in the Room!.mp3

The one overwhelming truth that the Jewish elite must suppress!

Dec 6 – Tue – Duke and Slattery on Why Globalist Hegemony and Media Supremacy is Jewish Racism! & How the Jews Changed the Dictionary Definition of fascism!

Controlling the definition of words is manipulating the minds of the masses!

Dec 5 – Mon – Elon Musk Released Twitter Docs Prove the Jewish-subverted US Government and Jewish Media Behemoths Stole the Election to Make Biden Yeltsin-like Puppet of the Jews!

Get ready friends, the media dam holding back the truth of Jewish Supremacy and tyranny in America is about to break!

Dec 2 – Fri – Dr. Duke & Mark Collett – Ye Goes On Alex Jones hits Zionists then is Twitter Censored for Political Cartoon that Says Not Trump or Us Who are Nazis, It’s Zionists!

You just can’t make this up! The Dam is breaking, the Goyim Know! It’s okay for Jewish Supreme Court members to say Israel is a racist Nazi Nuremberg state though! But, the Goyim can’t!

Dec 1 – Thur – Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery NY Times says How Great it is that Jews are a Race and How Extremely Genetically Distinct from the European People and All Humanity!

 Nov 30 – Wed – Dr. Duke passionately reveals The Proof of the deadly and horrific, continuing War They Wage against Ukraine AND Russia- the EU & the American People and ALL HUMANITY! 

 Nov 29 – Tue – Kanye West & Why He Has Suffered a Firestorm of Hate simply for Truth about Jewish Supremacy & Tyranny!

 Nov 28 – Mon – Paul Stevenson Interviews Dr. David Duke on Why the Jewish War on Free Speech is the Ultimate Threat to Human Rights!

 Nov 25 – Fri  – Dr Duke and Mark Collett Discuss Kanye West, Nick Fuentes & Rising Goy Jewdar!

 Nov 24 – Thur –  Never Forget Why the Jews Who Rule Us Hate Thanksgiving! It is Because They Hate Our People and Seek to Dishonor Us and Destroy Us in the Nation We Founded!

 Nov 23 – Wed – Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We Must Be Thankful for the Rising Awakening of the World to the Real Supremacy that Rules Us and Leads the World to War: Jewish Supremacy!

 Nov 22 – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Respond to the Duran YouTube on the NeoCons Taking Over the EU – It’s not just Jewish NeoCons, it’s Jewish NeoCommies! It is Simply Jewish Power!

 Nov 21 – Mon – The Lying Jewish Elite Exposed in Their Ritual Sacrifice of Ukraine & Russian Cossacks in Criminal War for Globalist Hegemony!

 Nov 18 – Fri -Jew Media! – Jew Mega Crypto Crooks! – Jew Jewlensky! Jew State Dept! Jew Demo Top Midterm Money – But dare say it & “Powerless Jews” Cancel your Life!!

 Nov 17  – Duke & Collett – Tucker Exposes Jewlensky’s War Crimes & the 2 top Democrat Jewish Donors Soros and Crypto Crook Bankman Fried!

 Nov 15  – Dr. Duke & Dr Slattery – Another Zionist Racist Jewish Criminal – Bankman Fried – destroys the crypto savings of millions of people! Another “coincidence.”

 Nov 15  – Dr. Duke & Dr Slattery – Honest Questions! Is Zionism Racism? Is Israel a Racist  State? Is Judaism a Religion of Racial Supremacism?

 Nov 14 – Dr. David Duke – Dave Chappelle Dares to Name “The Jews” – Why it’s Vital !!

 Nov 11 – Dr Duke & Mark Collett – Jewish insufferable Chutzpah Exposes the Jewish Supremacy and Tyranny that Rules Over Us!


Nov 10 – Dr Duke and Paul Stevenson – We are the true Dissident defenders of free speech and human rights! The Jewish Global Elite are the World’s Ultra Racists!

Nov 9 –  Duke & Slattery – Ezra Pound Was Right! this Election Proves “Democracy” is now Defined as a Nation Ruled by Jews!

Nov 8 –  Election Day! Vote Pragmatically for our short & long term interests! Vote against anyone who the Jewish Elite Favors!

Nov 7  – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – FACT: Political Censorship & Cancel Culture is Ruled by Jewish Racist Supremacy & Tyranny!

Nov 3  – Thur – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – How Jewish Supremacy in Media, Finance & Globalism Created the Panic, Lockdowns, Economic Robbery, and the deadly Vaxx of the Covid “Jew Flu”

Nov 2  – Wed – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Reason For Massive Anti-White Racism Today is that Jews Discriminated Against Non-Jewish Whites in their Replacement of the American Elite!

Nov 1  – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The ADL – Kanye – Tucker and Duke – Why They Hate Us! 


Oct 31 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – It is NOT an Elephant in the Room! – It is an enormous Jewish Mammoth! Jewish Supremacy is Not a Canard – it is Fact!

Will  Musk’s  Pledge  of Free  Speech  be  Realized?