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RED ICE TV -Dr. Duke talks to Red Ice Radio’s Henrik Palmgren On The Vital US Senate Race

Dr. Duke talks to Red Ice TV’s Henrik Palmgren about the issues propelling his campaign on video. And you can listen to the David Duke Show with Henrik Palmgren and you can listen to a great hour on his radio show on our archives as wll

Today Dr. Duke started the show with a testimonial from Dr. Slattery regarding the tremendous support that Dr. Duke is receiving everywhere he goes in Louisiana. Dr. Slattery recounted seeing people who lost everything in the flooding in southeastern Louisiana overcome with joy, at least for the moment, that Dr. Duke came and visited their shelters and pledged his solidarity. Don Advo also joined the show and talked about the importance of the Duke candidacy in halting the rapidly deteriorating situation for the majority of the American people.

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Then Dr. Duke brought on Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio to for a discussion of the topics they covered in an extensive interview to be aired later today. Henrik talked about his own awakening to the forces working for the replacement of the European people in the countries they have lived in for thousands of years. He talked about how far the process has gone in a short period of time and how there is little time left for people to wake up and retake their own countries.

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