Dr. Duke supports the students and friends of LSU to defend the heritage of LSU, the South and America NOW!

Dr. Duke revealed that he has been invited to come to at a demonstration organized at his alma mater, Louisiana State University, in defense of southern heritage.

Those who would like to support the students should go to the university for about 4:30 today. (more details later on DavidDuke.com) The event is a response to the attack on southern heritage from Black Lives Matter and the media, and is meant to rectify the false narrative in the media that blacks need to live in fear of violence from whites.


Dr. Duke, a former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana, presented recent U.S. Justice Department data showing that black violent crime against whites is far more prevalent than white violence against blacks. Yet the picture painted by the Zio-media is the exact opposite, and it is serving only to incite blacks into even more hatred against whites. Dr. Slattery also adds commentary.

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