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Dr. Duke & Slattery — Stupid Cuck Congressman Supports ISIS Attack on Iranian Parliament and Proof of Zionist Treason With al Qaeda and ISIS!


Today Dr. Duke reported on the idiotic statements by California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who publicly praised ISIS for attacking the Iranian Parliament, because in his imagination Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorism. The brainwashed Congressman (only a light rinse was required) doesn’t seem to realize that the actual terrorism that the world doesn’t want supported is ISIS itself, and its actual support comes from Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Israel and, yes, Zionist-occupied America.

Dr. Duke played a fun clip from Fox News that featured Geraldo Rivera (of all people) schooling Zio mouthpiece Erik Bowling on who is responsible for the terrorism that our government claims to be fighting.

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Here is a video that really unveils the racist nature of Israeli society:

Note: This clip is a year old. This has been going on for a while. This clip is insane. They are openly talking about Israel as existing to “preserve the race.”