Dr Duke Schools Tucker on White History and the Truth of the Jewish-led Great Replacement!
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Dr Duke Schools Tucker on White History and the Truth of the Jewish-led Great Replacement!

May 18 – Wed – Dr Duke Schools Tucker on White History and the Truth of the Jewish-led Great Replacement!

May 17 – Tue – White Supremacy is a Lie!  Jewish Supremacy & Racial Hatred are Behind the True Racial Violence and Ethnic Cleansing in the USA and Murderous Globalist Wars!

This will be known as one of the best shows Dr. Slattery and I have ever done!

It lays out clearly and irrefutably the real Racial Supremacy and Racial Hatred in America. It is not White Supremacy that rules America! It is Jewish Supremacy and it promotes vile racial hatred against White people and it creates the massive hate crimes committed against White people in America which is easily proven by interracial crime statistics.

The far worse racial mass murders in America on racial grounds have been committed by Blacks and Inspired by Jewish Media hatred against Whites.

Not only is this racial hatred affecting us in the United States and Europe, b but it is also behind the Ethnic Hatred against Russia in the Ukraine War and Global efforts to destroy the White Christian nation of Russia!

In addition to al that it is the power that has led the Western World into horrific Wars costing far more than 100 million lives for Jewish objectives!

They are the true mass murderers on this Earth!

They must be dethroned and we and all humanity must regain our freedom from these warmongering, murdering racial supremacist tyrants!

May 16 – Mon – Why the Buffalo Shooting is an Evil, Stupid, Self-Inflicted False Flag in the War on White People in America!

May 13 – Fri – Dr. Duke & Mark Collett – Huge Media Attack on Mark Collett Backfires on the Anti-White Media!

May 12 – Thur – Dr. Duke & James Edwards: We Support True Human Rights for All : Including WHITE PEOPLE!

May 11 – Wed – Duke & Slattery – Do Jews Have a Centralized Command Structure? How do They Exercise Power?

May 10 – Tue – Dr David Duke Reveals the Secret Behind Communism, Zionism and the Ukraine War!

May 9 – Mon – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – We Honor our Brave Vets, But on This Day We Condemn The Evil Monsters Who Sent Them to War for ZioLies and ZioSupremacy! cddfd

May 6 – Fri – Dr David Duke & Mark Collett – Reality Check! – Has the World been turned Upside Down?

May 5 – Thur – Dr Duke and Stevenson – Like Iraq the Ukraine War is a Jewish War & Are Jews White? They Say NO!

May 4 – Wed – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – How Jews Use Abortion as a Divide and Conquer Strategy Against White Americans!

May 3 – Tue – Dr Duke & Slattery – Exposing the simple fact of Jewish Racist Supremacy is the fastest path to saving America & the World!

May 2 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Is Mel Gibson Right? Has the Jewish Global Cabal been a force behind WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and the Ukraine War? The answer is undeniable!

April 29 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett – Why the ZioGlobalists are actually Losing this War on Nationalist Christian Russia!