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Dr. Duke refutes charges that recognizing Jewish racial basis bolsters Jewish land claims in Palestine

Today’s show is one of the most interesting and riveting of any broadcast Dr. Duke has ever made.

In it he talks about a recent article that validated everything Dr. Duke has said about the destructiveness of the Jewish-controlled music and entertainment media, specifically gangsta rap and other forms of degeneracy.

The writer, Jonas E. Alexis, after confirming repeatedly Dr. Duke’s positions, then suddenly claims that he is “metaphysically flawed because he believes that there is a racial, or ethnic basis for Judaism. And that argument has “been challenged many times.”


In this show Dr. Duke refutes his points one by one in a powerful manner, and though he wishes Mr. Alexis well in our common anti-Zionist cause, he states that failing to recognize the racist, supremacist core of the leading Jewish organizations as well as the state of Israel is a fundamental mistake.

He also goes into the long Jewish tradition of separateness from the rest of humanity and hatred of intermarriage, and shows that this is no new phenomena.

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery go into the fact that whether Jews call themselves communists or capitalists, leftists or rightists, or liberal or conservative, when one looks at their control of their seemingly contrary beliefs, they relentlessly, ethnically work together for Jewish supremacist objectives. It is examplified by the Iraq War, a war for Israel which was touted by the liberal NY Times, as well as by Jewish neoconservatives.

Sometimes, blood is thicker than water. Not understanding that ethnic tribalism, and failing to expose it as the real source of Zionist power, hampers us in our struggles to overcome it.

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