Dr. Duke's Book Sweeps Across Hungary!



Photos (from left to right): Dr. Duke Showing his book on national TV, huge auditorium with standing room only at Budapest book launch, David Duke with “Kennewick Man” George, Duke signing books from a 50 foot line, Tibor Gede and his staff with David Duke, Another town another speech, still another presentation, part of another line of patriots waiting for their book to be autographed

David Duke’s Triumphant Time in Hungary

By Kennewickman and other patriotic commentators in Hungary

The name Dr. David Duke is rapidly becoming well known in Hungary. Every day brings a new city with cheering supporters and another media interview. Dr. Duke in an exhausting schedule spent 9 days of nonstop activity educating, motivating and inspiring the patriotic movement of Hungary. He traveled across the whole country speaking to packed venues across the nation, and did many interviews with both hostile and friendly media.

Dr. Duke’s decades of experience with the pro-Zionists of the TV stations and newspapers has paid off handsomely in Hungary: His first media conquest was over a Marxist-oriented Jew by the name Friderikusz. He hosts a nationally broadcast evening TV show. Do not try to pronounce this name on your own; English speakers often mispronounce this name like “Freak-o-ricus” a grave insult to the proud owner of the name. So as it happened Mr. Friderikusz invited Dr. Duke to his studio introduced by five decades old film clips of the KKK and lighted crosses. Dr. Duke would not let this pass without response. He pointed out to the interviewer that when he was a young man he was in non-violent Klan organization, left it almost 30 years ago and went on to be elected to the House of Representatives in Louisiana and as Chairman of the largest Republican district of Louisiana, that he has gone on to earn a Doctorate degree, that he has lectured in major universities all over the world, and pointed out that he is author of one of the best-selling books in the world, yet the interviewer only shows decades old inflammatory pictures in an attempt to bias the audience.

He said he could prove the bias of Friderikusz by one simple fact. Dr. Duke then pointed out that the great majority of the present Hungarian government is made up of ex-communist party members, but when they come on the show they are not introduced under filmstrips of flying Bolshevik red flags and Moscow Mayday parades of the communist era! Dr. Duke went on to detail the connection between extremist Jews and the rise of communism. He gave the names of those who were running the terror camps and murdered, deported and sent to death camps hundreds of thousands of Hungarians while establishing a full and open political control in this country. He even told to the shocked listeners something that most did not know: Yuri Andropov ,the Russian officer who had a leading role in organizing the bloodbath after our 1956 October Revolution against the commies was actually a Jew. A Moscow Jewish magazine had recently boasted of Andropov’s deep Jewish lineage.

Few Americans are aware of the fact that the Bolshevik terror that afflicted Hungary for many decades was overwhelmingly Jewish. The four leaders of the Hungarian pro-Soviet government that imprisoned, tortured, and murdered the heroes of the 1956 revolution were Jews. The bloodthirsty head of the secret police was the very Jewish, Peter Gabor, a particularly sadistic mass murderer who tortured tens-of-thousands. The historian David Irving documents these facts in his excellent book on the 1956 revolution, The Uprising. Although it is certain that some Jews suffered as did the mass of the Hungarian people, Jews in Hungary practically constituted a ruling class in Communist times. The close relationship between Jewish power and Bolshevism in Hungary goes all the way back to the murderous regime of Bela Kun and his short-lived Bolshevik regime that distinguished itself by murdering as many Hungarian patriots as it possibly could during its short rule.

Mr. Friderikusz was shell-shocked and he looked it. After David Duke’s appearance (when Duke was no longer there to debate), he interviewed a Jewish professor of history who simply charged that men such as Dr. Duke and those who shared his arguments were simply, “ignorant.” But, he offered not one shred of evidence to contradict the damning facts that Dr. Duke had brought out! Of course, this is because our opponents must lie and distort, their only weapon is slander and abuse.

On Tuesday Dr. Duke had a new contender step into the ring against him. He was a writer for the largest Hungarian weekly, HVG. Dr. Duke and the interviewer went through the usual motions for a while, the victims tape recorder was rolling and he kept psycho-babbling about the “500,000 Jewish Hungarian victims of the War.” Dr. Duke said he had sympathy for any loss of Jewish life during that tragic period of European history, but he pointed out to the interviewer that he only seemed to be concerned about Jewish lives. “What about the hundreds of thousands of Hungarians who were imprisoned, tortured, murdered by the Communists who were overwhelmingly led by Jews. What about the 7 to 11 million Ukrainians who were murdered by the Soviets, the 10 million Germans who were ethnically cleansed and killed by the Soviets?” Dr. Duke asked. After a short cross examination by Dr. Duke he admitted to be a Jew and a pro-Israeli Jew at that. Dr. Duke pointed out he was a perfect example of Jewish influence in the media.

On his way out the door, Dr. Duke said to him, “You, who are extremely biased toward me, and who support the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, will be the source by which hundreds of thousands of people learn a distorted view of me and my ideas. The Hungarian people deserve a media where they can get the unvarnished truth and not the bias and lies of lies of Jewish extremists whose first loyalty is to a foreign country and a particularly minority within the nation of Hungary!”

On Tuesday evening Dr. Duke visited the City of Szeged. The meeting turned real fast into a warm, friendly event after an excellent speech. The locals really opened up when they realized that somebody came to them from a faraway land who understands their history and daily struggle and who is on their side. Many in the audience were veterans of the fights against the Judeo-Bolshevik forces in the country that took place in the last two months. Dr. Duke has an excellent Hungarian translator who has the capacity to deliver his speeches to the locals in the proper style.

Jewish Supremacism, Dr. Duke’s worldwide bestseller, in the short space of one week became a bestseller in Hungary as well.

Dr. Duke’s last stops were the City of Miscolc and the City of Gyor. He also had an excellent longer interview with News TV, the only national Hungarian TV station with some sympathy toward our cause. The interviewer treated Dr. Duke with respect he deserves and will be shown on a national news magazine show similar to America’s sixty minutes, but one not controlled by Jewish extremists.

Many older Hungarians remarked that Dr. Duke made the best speeches they have heard in Hungary since before the time of the Jewish-Bolshevik takeover at the end of the Second World War.

Dr. Duke’s tour was a real triumph, and I hope it inspires the people of America, Europe, and world just as it has inspired the Hungarian people!