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Dr. Duke & Mark Collett – anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish Supremacy Explodes Across the Right and the Left!


Today Dr. Duke and Mark Collett talk about the fact that both the Alt-Right and the Alt-Left are becoming very aware of the Zio Big Brother in the room. Every day Jewish extremism, racism, supremacism is being exposed.

Then they moved on to progress made by the Alt-Right in advancing the cause of goyim-knowing. Mark Collett pointed out the hypocrisy of  the Jewish agenda for the Goyim as compared to their hyper-racist policy toward their own chosen people.

This is an powerful show that will help you let the goyim know. And there’s a whole lot of goyim-knowing going on. Please share it widely.

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Click here and look for the show dated 7-21-17.

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