Dr Duke has the most powerful show on earth exposing Jewish Tyranny! Here are Links to todays and last week shows!
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Dr Duke has the most powerful show on earth exposing Jewish Tyranny! Here are Links to todays and last week shows!


Monday Nov 15 (New) Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – Discuss Laura Ingraham’s show on Critical Race Hate & The War on White people by torturing Jan 6 dissidents!


Links for the last Great David Duke Programs!

Monday Nov 8 –Dr Duke & Dr Slattery on the covid criminal vaccines on kids! Also the Kosher Covid Con and How Jewish elite destroy the middle class! The Covid Con Reset is the greatest theft in all of history. Also there is a discussion of racial reality and facts contradicting the emotional propaganda of the ZioMedia! _________________________________________________________________ Tuesday Nov 9 — Dr Duke and Andy Hitchcock – How the Great Reset is nothing less than the Total Jewish takeover of everything!  ___________________________________________________________

Wednesday Nov 11  Dr Duke & Slattery – Replay of fantastic Monday Show!


Thursday Nov 12 Dr. Duke and Slattery (new show) Dr Duke makes a passionate appeal to our White brothers and sisters in Russia and Ukraine to avoid war. He also points out the Ukraine is totally controlled by Jews and the Jewish head of state protects his Jewish pals who have office buildings full of  Ukrainian underage girls being raped, degraded, sodomized and tortured by blacks and made into porn…NATO and Global Jewry wants do to Ukraine exactly what it is doing to Western Europe. Take back Ukraine from the Jews and ally with you Slavic brothers not the Jew World Order! _________________________________________________________________ Friday Nov 13 New Show with Mark Collett of  UK – Dr Duke go into the truth of Critical Race Hate Theory and the War on Whites and continue a plea to Ukraine and Russia and no more wars with White people at the behest of Jewish Globalists slitting each other’s throats!  

is a link of Mark Collett latest video at Odysee with a recording of an interview he did with a leading publication that exposes their deceptions. It is very powerful.   https://odysee.com/@MarkCollett:6/20211015—Interview-with-a-Times-Journalist:b Note from staff: Trump on CNN’s Larry King Show in 1991 discussed David Duke getting 55 percent of the White vote. Trump said David Duke is going to get a lot of votes if he runs for President! He knew then that Duke’s platform was a a winning platform. Trump great failing is not to take on the Jewish power structure. He could have educated the world on the greatest threat to White people and all people in the world: Jewish Globalism. Trump has to know his destroyers who impeached him and savaged him and had a Jew D’ tat takeover of the government were completely led by the Jewish media and Jewish members of Congress such as Schiff, Nadler, Engel as well as Schumer in the Senate and every part of impeachment was Jews. But he keeps giving them lip service which is exactly the wrong thing to do. We cannot defeat these destroyers unless we educate the people who the real supremacist and ultimate racists are : the Jewish supremacists who are leading America and the world to disaster! here’s some links”

Communism is happening in America. Kill communism!!! Make it extinct.
1991: Larry King asks Donald Trump about David Duke

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