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Dr. Duke Exposes the Attack on Free Speech in the Shutdown of Truth on Jewish-owned Social Media!!

Dr. Duke Exposes the Attack on Free Speech in the Shutdown of Truth on Jewish-owned Social Media!!

Today Dr. Duke quoted an article from Breitbart on an agreement between the EU and internet companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to effectively censor “hate speech,” which of course is anything Jews hate to hear. The agreement would set up a “network of trust reporters” (including Jewish groups, no doubt) who will flag objectionable content, and the companies will then have 24 hours to review and delete it before it can go viral. Dr. Slattery read from a Jewish Telegraphic Agency article that lauded the central role played by Jewish groups in bringing about this deal and helping to create the legal framework for outlawing “hate speech.”

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of Facebook Inc., speaks at the Samsung Electronics Co. Unpacked launch event ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016. Mobile World Congress, an annual phone-industry event organized by GSMA Ltd., runs from Feb 22 to Feb 25. Photographer: Pau Barrena/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Mark Zuckerberg
They then went on to talk about an article from Commentary Magazine, which is one of the oldest and most distinguished Jewish intellectual publications, titled “Taking Trump Seriously on Israel.” The point of the article was that if Trump actually follows through on his albeit cautious remarks on foreign policy in general and Israel in particular, it would be very bad for the Jewish state, which could find its military aid slashed and proxy army in the region pulling back to guard America’s borders.

This was another great show full of information that underscores how the Jewish elite is completely freaking out about the progress we are making. Please share it widely.

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