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Dr. Duke & Eric Striker – 100 Year Anniversary of USA in Jewish Carnage of World War I & Birth of ZOG !


Today Dr. Duke did a show commemorating, or lamenting really, the 100th aniversary of America’s entry into World War one, which was a result of the deal struck between Lord Rothschild and British Prime Minister Lloyd George and later enshrined in the 1917 Balfour Declaration. It could be considered the birth of ZOG, or the Zionist Occupied Government.

He and Eric Striker also talked about the amazing specticle of Tucker Carlson defending Dr. Duke against baseless charges by a crazy SJW that he interviewed on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Meanwhile, Anne Coulter was also on television talking about the tweet about the Jews who run CNN. Hasn’t she got the memo that this is 2017 and it is anti-Semitic to call Jews Jewish?

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