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Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald on the meaning of Thanksgiving

Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald on the meaning of Thanksgiving

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about evidence that the original settlement of North America came from Europe thousands of years before the ancestors of Indians croossed the Bearing Landbridge. Then he brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to talk about the recent case in which Black Lives Matters protesters attacked whites who had come to interview them. The whites turned out to be armed and defended themselves.


Professor MacDonald brought up the case of neocon Douglas Murray, who just wrote an article in the Jewish Chronicle warning Jewish organizations not to be so out in front of opening the doors to so-called refugees. Likely fearing a backlash when things inevitably turn out badly, Jewish organizations over the past few days have scaled back their calls for accepting the maximum number of migrants. They also talked bout events in Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

This is another dynamite show from the dynamic duo. Please spread it widely.


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