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Dr. Duke Discusses Financial Weapons Against Free Speech — With Atty Advo Discusses Federal Court Tyranny Against Trump!


Today Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo talked about the judiciary overstepping its constitutional authority. Don Advo raised Brown v. the Board of Education as an example of a racial caste system in which white children have been forced into classrooms with blacks, who now have the legal right to require the presence of white children.Likewise, civil rights legislation deprives whites of their right to freedom of association.

Meanwhile, racial minorities are free to associated with their own kind in everything from racial advocacy organizations to schools to businesses. How many blacks work in Chinese restaurants? Yet are there any white restaurants that could exclude non-white employees? Is there a National Association for the Advancement of White People? (Fun fact: there used to be.)

This is a fascinating show that you won’t want to miss.

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