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Dr. Duke asks every White person, are you Cuck? Are you allowing yourself and your people to be cucked?

Today Dr. Duke explained the meaning of the term “cuck” and explained how it applies to what is happening to Europeans in American and elsewhere. Through massive immigration and failure to reproduce, our populations in the societies we created are being replaced by new comers.


From the Nickelodean kid’s show “Bella and the Bulldog,” whose creator, Jonathan C. Butler, also directed an adult film entitled “The Cuckold

However, Dr. Duke makes it clear that the actual “bulls” in this scenario are not the immigrants or minorities, but the Jewish tribalists who have come to dominate our societies and use their power to change our immigration laws and use their media control to brainwash us into not wanting to reproduce.

This is a foundational show that puts our plight in a whole new light. Please illuminate your friends with it.

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