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Dr. Duke and Professor MacDonald on the Cuskservative Phenomenon in the context of white genocide

Dr. Duke has Professor Kevin MacDonald on for the hour. They discussed Professor MacDonald’s new article, “The Cuckservative Phenomenon.” The meme “Cuckservative” was coined to call out people who portray themselves as conservatives but actually are water carriers for the Jewish elite that is destroying everything conservatives traditionally value and ultimately are replacing America’s traditional European majority.

An impassioned Kevin MacDonald explained the psychology of white conservatives being cooped to work against their own interests as well as the evolutionary implications of this phenomenon. Dr. Duke pointed out that cuckolding for Jewish supremacists is hardly limited to modern conservatives, and indeed all mainstream political movements are under the sway of Jewish leadership and are working towards the destruction of the traditional American majority population and values.

This show is great show that features Doctors Duke and MacDonald at their most articulate. Please share it widely.

Click here and look for the show dated 8-3-15.

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