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Dr. Duke and Pastor Dankof discuss Dr. Duke’s appearance on Alex Jones later today and on Jeff Rense tonight!

Dr. Duke announced that he will be on the Alex Jones Show at 1PM Eastern Time today. He then brought on Pastor Mark Dankof for a discussion of the implications of Donald Trump’s candidacy. While Trump has deep ties to Jewish tribalists and is by no means a savior, the attention he is focusing on the immigration issue is extremely valuable.


Pastor Dankof noted the contrast between the way Trump is tolerated by the Zio media with how Pat Buchanan was shunned during his presidential runs, and posited that this was because Buchanan’s anti-immigrant message was part of an overall platform that was contrary to Jewish interests, whereas Trump, who is calling for U.S. troops to be resent to Iraq, supports large swaths of the Zionist agenda. He concluded by pointing out that the Zio wars in the Middle East and North Africa are creating the conditions for the massive wave of immigration that is sweeping Europe.

This is another great show full of ideas and information. Please be sure to catch Dr. Duke on the Alex Jones Show later today and on the Jeff Rense Show tonight!

Click here and look for the show dated 8-18-15.

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