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Dr. Duke and Dr. McDonald discuss the Alex Jones Show and Necessity to name the Jewish supremacism behind the New World Order

Dr. Duke thanked Alex Jones for having him on his show for two hours yesterday and encouraged him to post the full debate on his website. Currently, only a snippet of the debate is being aired on Jones’ main channel, despite him having promoted the debate for days. In addition the show was misnamed “Epic War of Words with the KKK.” Hopefully people will go to his website and respectfully protest this tiny clip and the absolutely deceptive title.


He then brought on Professor Kevin MacDonald to explain the evidence that the Jewish people are a biologically and genetically identifiable group. Professor MacDonald commented that the media filters out any discussion of even the most obvious and undeniable aspects of Jewish power, which results in the average person being unable to process evidence of Jewish supremacism even when they are confronted with it. This made Dr. Duke’s opportunity to speak at length to Alex Jones’ audience so valuable. Professor MacDonald and Dr. Duke also presented evidence not just of the massive Jewish over-representation in the various aspects of the American elite but also their ability to repress discussion of Jewish power.

This was an incredible show. Everyone should send it to their friends, especially if they are Alex Jones listeners.

Click here and look for the show dated 8-19-15.

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