Dr David Duke & Mark Collett – Reality Check! – Has the World been turned Upside Down?
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Dr David Duke & Mark Collett – Reality Check! – Has the World been turned Upside Down?

May 6 – Fri – Dr David Duke & Mark Collett – Reality Check! – Has the World been turned Upside Down?

May 5 – Thur – Dr Duke and Stevenson – Like Iraq the Ukraine War is a Jewish War & Are Jews White? They Say NO!

May 4 – Wed – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – How Jews Use Abortion as a Divide and Conquer Strategy Against White Americans!

May 3 – Tue – Dr Duke & Slattery – Exposing the simple fact of Jewish Racist Supremacy is the fastest path to saving America & the World!

May 2 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – Is Mel Gibson Right? Has the Jewish Global Cabal been a force behind WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and the Ukraine War? The answer is undeniable!

April 29 – Fri – Dr Duke and Mark Collett – Why the ZioGlobalists are actually Losing this War on Nationalist Christian Russia!


April 28 – Thur – Duke & Stevenson – Democracy? Oligarchy? Jewocracy? USA UK EU & Ukraine – The Undeniable Truth!

April 27 – Wed – Dr David Duke – My half-century ago activity in a non-Violent Klan & why I left & how my views have evolved since!

April 26 – Tue – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Demolish the Democracy Big Lie from A to Z !

April 25 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Absolute Lie of American Democracy! It is a Jewish Oligarchy!!

The reason why the Jewish supremacy over the U.S. government calls America a Democracy ,when it isn’t, is because America is fundamentally just like Ukraine, completely controlled by Jewish Oligarchs! Calling America a Democracy is a big lie, and yes the last election was stolen. Jewish money, influence, media and social media has enormous powers that go directly against the will and values of the American people!

April 22 – Fri – Dr Duke & Mark Collett: A Powerful Debate on Our Revolutionary Strategy to Overthrow Jewish Globo-Racist Supremacy!

An Amazing Eye-opening powerful debate on the most effective revolutionary strategy to empower our people and the world in combatting and overthrowing the World’s true tyrannical ethnic supremacy that is destroying the European People and threatens the survival of all mankind! 

April 21 – Thur – Dr Duke and Paul Stevenson – ZIO Goldman Sachs Bank Convicted of $3.6 Billion Criminal Conspiracy YET NO JAIL for TOP EXECS!

April 20 – Wed – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery explain Why the Jewish Cabal Hates Cossacks Ukrainians & Russians!

April 19 – Tue – Dr David Duke Direct to YOU!- The Jewish Monsters Destroying Ukraine on the Behalf of Jewish World Supremacy!

April 18 – Mon – Dr Duke & Dr Slattery – The Ukrainian People Sacrificed and Destroyed by the Same Jewish ZioCommies that Committed the Holodomor! We Must Save Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine!